Where to Find Guitar Hero 3 Cheats for PS2


Authored by Scott in Video Games 
Published on 11-22-2008

Guitar Hero 3 for PS2 has become a popular videogame. Rockstar-wanna-be gamers can experience the thrill of using a guitar and challenge guitar legends like Slash of Guns and Rose and Tom Morello from the band Rage Against the Machine through the videogame. However in the thick of things, we discover that we need a few cheat codes to get that extra edge. Here are a few cheat tips to help you in your quest to become a guitar legend and beat your computer rivals.

If you are looking to gather information regarding Guitar Hero 3 cheats for PS2, just google for it to open up several related sites. You’ll open up a number of lists concerning gaming websites with links to Guitar Hero 3 cheats. Pick one that’s most interesting to you.

Try looking up cheatcodes.com. Once you have opened it up, a list of different consoles will be in display. Select the PS2 icon to enter games related for PS2 only. Afterwards, an alphabetical selection opens. Choose the letter G, and then scroll down until you find the selection for “Guitar Hero 3.” Click it and the screen for Guitar Hero 3 will open up on your monitor. Below it, you’ll notice a window called “Cheat Codes.” Click that and a list of cheat codes for Guitar Hero 3 appears. Scroll down that list and search for the cheat code you are looking for. Some cheats actually do work, while others are totally are out of this world so be patient to try all of them to see which ones actually do work. You may even see tabs where in you can unlock unlockables. For Guitar Hero 3, you have an all songs unlock cheat code.

If cheatcodes.com doesn’t satisfy your video game cheating needs, also try opening up gamefaqs.com. The great thing about this website is that is has more information offered per game. It has icons for “FAQS and walk thorough Guides” which actually makes it easier for the user to understand the game. It also has icons for “Codes and Secrets.” To search for Guitar Hero 3 is easy too. You’ll see cheat codes for Xbox 360, PC and for PlayStation 3. Just click for the tab PS2 then click for the letter G. Once you have done that, it will be easier for you to look for Guitar Hero 3. Just scroll down the letter G selections for video games until you find Guitar Hero 3, click that and open the Guitar Hero 3 web page.

Another source for cheat codes are game review magazines like “GamePro.” Look for an edition that covers Guitar Hero 3. Browse through the pages and look for different cheats you can use to increase you skill and get passed through that stage easily. Try the Air Guitar cheat code as well the Hyper speed cheat code.


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