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Where to Get Automatic Web Content

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 09/29/2009
  • Article Writing

Content will always be the king in every website. It is the one component of a site that its visitors come back for and without which, all you have is a template of a website that is pretty to look at. But pretty will not make a site a success story. It is the content that will make or break the goals that the webmaster has set for it. So how can you get new content uploaded to your site? You can either create one yourself or you can get automatic web content which will require less effort on your part. If you decide to create your own content, make sure that you are capable enough to write an interesting article or create a video or image worthy of your visitors’ time. Remember that people usually just browse the web pages that they visit. Seldom do they read everything on a page. They just skim and scan and if the first sentences do not grab their attention, they will quickly hit the back button or make another search. So it is important that your content will be engaging enough to make your visitors read it and want more. But if you are not good in creating content, then you can consider getting automatic web content for your site. There are a few ways to do this. 1. Get content from article directories.

Article directories are excellent sources of quality content. While you can also find articles that are poorly written

, there are also lots of good articles worthy of your attention. Just find some articles that are related to your site’s topic and post it on your web page. Don’t forget to include the author or resource box or paragraph. It’s the part that says something about the author and usually has a link to the author’s own site. While this may not be appealing to you especially because of the link, remember that you are getting the article for free and the only thing being asked of you is to leave the link and the article itself unchanged. 2. You can take advantage of rss feeds. You can syndicate other people’s content by posting the rss feeds on your website. This way every time that there is new content, it will automatically appear and be posted on your own site. This is probably the easiest way to achieve your automatic article goal, but be sure that you have the right or permission to use those rss feeds, otherwise when the original content creator finds out, you might get into a bit of a trouble. 3. Use PLR articles.

PLR or private label rights articles are also good sources of automatic web content. For a very minimal fee, you can get a bunch of articles that you can edit or rewrite to better fit your website’s requirements. Just remember to rewrite these articles because you are not the only one who gets to buy that bundle of PLR articles. If you post an article as it is, you might be posting a duplicate content which search engines does not like.


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