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Where To Get Ideas For Articles That Connect With Customers

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 06/8/2008
  • Article Writing

You want to write those information-packed articles that get readers clicking back to your website. You have a great affiliate product and you know people seek useful information that you can provide them. What’s the best way to create articles that spur readers to buy? The answer is creating articles from your own information base as pertains to your product. Your information base is your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your website. It is also any case studies you have about your product and any case studies that relate to your product. These resources are your basis for a variety of articles that will impart knowledge to your customers. You will connect to your customers with articles culled from these resources because these articles will contain the information they want. Customers read FAQ pages and case studies because they are efficient ways they can get information. Your FAQ pages and case studies posted on your website are questions and answers all in one place. Customers seek answers to their questions in these places. They will definitely read articles they come across that provide these answers too. An article that has information from your FAQ pages and case studies can spur a reader to link back to your website. They may want to explore a subject further. Your article shows them you know what you are talking about concerning your affiliate product. They see you as an authority on a subject and product and want more from you. A connection is now in effect. The next logical step is for them to go to where you are to learn more. Your information to them formed a connection.

That’s why an article topic developed from an FAQ page or a case study pays dividends. An FAQ page has questions that are continually on the average c

onsumer’s mind. Case studies have detailed information that really investigates a topic or product. You can build an entire article around one FAQ. You just elaborate on it and provide more detail. With a case study, you can further examine one part of the study in a short article. A case study can be the basis for many articles full of specific information. Your connection with your customers is dependent on your articles being deeper than a FAQ. Don’t provide the same short answer found in the FAQ by just rewording it for a page or two. Use the FAQ as a base upon which you add new information, or more specific information. The FAQ is a tool for formulating an article topic. It is not the article. You may have to do extra research as pertains to the FAQ to give you enough material for a useful article. Your readers do not want fluff. They want information that they can put to work to solve problems or provide a need. With a case study as a basis for an article, you can use the main points from the study and build an article. With articles intended for distribution on the internet or in newsletters, you want them to be between 500 and 700 words. Some case studies are very elaborate and to try to fit all the findings from a case study into a short article is often difficult. Take the essence of a case study and present it succinctly in an article. Provide a link back to your website where the meat and potatoes of the case study resides. Your short article can be an informative teaser that leads back to the much larger study. Your short article has them on your website now.

Your own website and its resources are great for developing articles that you want distributed widely. Articles from FAQ’s and case studies are articles that have information your potential customers are always looking for. You’ll make solid connections faster when you give readers article content that answers their FAQ’s.



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