Which Cars Increase Your Insurance Premiums?

When you buy a car, you would look at how costly it would be to maintain it, gas mileage, comfort level and the accessories that come along with it, among other important factors. What about insurance coverage? Would it burn a hole in your pocket? If you are concerned, it would be wise to check with your insurance agent first before buying your dream car.

The model and make of your vehicle can have a big impact on your insurance premium. You may not be able to change your driving record or zip code to lower your insurance bill, but you can do something about the type of vehicle you purchase. Why does insurance coverage for some cars cost more than others? To see the first reason, you would have to look at collision-damage costs some cars incur.

Secondly, insurance companies will look at how high the risk is of your vehicle getting stolen. Expensive, stylish cars are easy, attractive targets for car thieves. If you have a car with high horsepower and is expensive to repair, this can also raise your premium.

If you are a young man buying a sports car, you’ll have to fork out quite a lot for insurance, considering your age and the speed of your car. Statistics show that young drivers with sports cars are more prone to accidents. Those who buy a car with high horsepower imply an intention to drive at top speed and this means the risk of meeting with an accident is higher. Also, if there have been many claims relating to particular car model, then anyone who buys such a model would have to pay more.

Do not think that the smaller your car, the less you have to pay for insurance coverage. Statistics and insurance claims show that small sports cars are more likely to be involved in accidents. So a family-type sedan car would cost you lower insurance premiums.

Think of it this way. If you drive a costly model, you would have to pay more to get it repaired after an accident. If yours is a luxury car with aluminum body panels, they would be more expensive to fix compared to sheet metal. The other aspect that you need to take into consideration is how much damage your vehicle will inflict on other vehicles in the event of an accident. If you are driving a SUV for instance, you would have to pay a higher premium because a vehicle of its size is likely to cause heavier damage to other vehicles.

Here are some of the car models that are costly to insure:

Mercedes CL-Class, Honda S2000, Acura RSX, Nissan 360Z and Jaguar XJ, among others. This is just a general guide. You would have to contact your insurance company for a comprehensive list.

As a guide, if you are looking for to pay a lower premium, chose a family-type vehicle that is not high on the risk list. Volvo XC90, Mazda MPV and Chevrolet Malibu Maxx are some very good examples. You can even include Ford Thunderbird in this list.


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