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White is the bride, maid of honor is reserved for regular pink color partner.

In many people’s eyes, just as the bride and bridesmaids foil of the “green”appears, does not. Elegant wedding requires more than just the beauty of the bride, bridesmaids and Party Dresses but also the overall coordination of the theme. However, this role is not good when the maid of honor, it is necessary to make it, from wherever he goes, the bride can not grab the limelight. Thus, when the beautiful wedding invitations fly to your hand, the bridesmaid’s makeup has become something to worry about.

However, proper selection of bridesmaid dresses, wedding is a beautiful landscape. This year’s wedding dress, with an elegant simplicity, capable of penetrating luxury, large cascading asymmetric hem, tassel casual nature, strengths being cut, coordinated grasp this principle, as the maid of honor can be a glittering wedding . Luxury rather than obvious, decent and generous, happy and with a homely style, generally the bridesmaids and the bride’s wedding dress in the style consistent, which is the basic principle of wearing a bridesmaid dress. However, empire waist style this season, tight waist

A-shaped, Bra-style, more elegant side of the expression of the bridesmaids. Jiaoqiao Bra Type strapless dress is exquisite and delicate, ribbon round the waist, or under the three-fold ribbon in this year’s bridesmaid dress style is a hot dress.If you wish to challenge in the winter Baby Flower Girl Dresses a long dress, a solemn atmosphere; if in the spring and summer, you can also choose low-cut chest dress, skirt lined with pink satin, covered with layers of light outside the perspective of the yarn. This hazy chiffon can also be applied to the sky-blue dress with long tail or short paragraph, quite seems like pure crystal, while adding a bit lively and naive.White is the bride, maid of honor is reserved for regular pink color partner. But this year we can abandon the common pink suits, light blue, light green, champagne gold color so not only for the identity of the maid of honor, but also embodies the perfect skin of young women. If more than one maid of honor, you can also wear the same color but different style of dress, bridesmaid dress without all the strict similarity, so that everyone can look very beautiful and does not rigidly stick to the flu.



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