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Whitelines Flexo Notebooks Reviewed


Whitelines Flexo Cover Notebooks

After yesterday’s post about the top selling notebooks on Amazon, I thought I should follow up today with a post sharing a pretty cool new notebook that I think should end up as a top seller one day.  I first saw these new Whitelines Flexo notebooks at the National Stationery Show earlier this year.  Wen they finally became available on Amazon I grabbed a few to do this review.


Whitelines Binding and Ribbon

The Whitelines Flexo notebooks have a very smooth and pretty durable cover that is a bit heavier than your average card stock.  You can also bend or curl a bit without damaging it.  Each version has the light gray Whitelines paper, with of course white ruled lines as the name implies.  If you have not seen these notebooks, and specifically their paper before, you might want to check out the original review we did of the Whitelines A4 Wired Graph Paper Notebook to see a close look at how the paper handles different pens and inks.  There is also a visual of how the lines on the paper disappear when scanned or copied.  In addition to the fact that this paper is designed to be less stressful on the eyes, it is also produced with a zero carbon footprint, so it has environmental benefits as well.


Whitelines Flexo Notebook Laying Flat

Personally I like notebooks with a double coil binding because there is never an issue with having them lay flat.  The Whitelines Flexo notebooks will also lay very flat once you give them a little bit of a working in.  From a visual perspective I think I’ve always been a big fan of the Whitelines brand because I love a simple design and I’m a big fan of all things orange, and their design nails those two features for me.  Amazon only has the Whitelines Flexo notebooks available in ruled A5 and A6 versions in black and white covers, but I am sure that more versions will become available soon.  Regardless of the cover though you really cant go wrong with any Whitelines notebook.

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