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Whitelines Hard Wire A5 Black Cover Review


Whitelines Hard Wire Black A5 and A6 Lined with Fountain Pen

One of the cool office supplies I got to get a look at when i was at the National Stationery Show were these new Whitelines notebooks with black cover  Adding a black cover to a notebook doesn’t really make it much different, but it certainly makes these cool notebooks look even cooler.

I want to thank Michael and Doug from Whitelines for taking some time to chat with me about their products at the Stationery Show.  They show me these new Whitelines notebooks with black covers, but also explained how Whitelines was also doing some private label stuff for some pretty well-known companies.

whitelines-hard-wire-black-cover-a5-and-a6-lined-300x225-6416459 New Whitelines Notebooks with Black Covers

So here is a quick look at two of the new Whitelines  hard wire notebooks with black covers.  The two you are looking at above are the  Whitelines Hard Wire A5 Lined Notebook – Black (Spiral-bound) and the Whitelines Hard Wire A6 Lined Notebook – Black (Spiral-bound) versions.  The difference here being the A5 vs the A6 sizes, which if you are not familiar with means that the A5 measures 5.8″ x  8.3″ and the A6 measures 4.1″ × 5.8″.  Each of these versions of the Whitelines Notebooks with black covers come with 100 sheets of 80g paper.


Whitelines Hard Wire Black Cover A5 and A6 Lined

A major reason that I like the hard cover coil bound versions is that you can flip the cover over as pictured above to minimize the space you need on your desk to write.  Still though, there are plenty of other versions of the Whitelines Black Cover notebooks available with different bindings.  When using a fountain pen on this paper there is a very faint amount of show through, but hardly enough to cause any issues when writing on both sides of the paper.  There was also no feathering on the page nor was there any bleed through.


Whitelines Hard Wire Black Lined Writing Sample

My quick writing sample above was done with a Lamy Studio with Extra Fine nib.  I also did one line of writing with an orange sharpie pen which seemed to be an appropriate tribute to the orange stripe on the cover of the Whitelines notebook.

The unique thing about the Whitelines notebooks are that the paper is the opposite of what you might be used to.  The majority of the paper is a light gray color, and the lines are bright white.  The contrast of the colors in this way makes it so that when you write or draw on it, the lines or grids on the paper do not interfere with your own written words or drawings.  This makes for it easier on your eyes when reading or viewing from the Whitelines paper.  Once you get beyond the cool visual of the Whitelines paper, there is also the environmental aspect that makes it pretty cool.

Each notebook is labeled with information on the carbon footprint and the paper is manufactured with no CO2 emissions.  The full story about the environmentally friendly aspect of the Whitelines Notebooks is an interesting read on their site.


Whitelines Paper Scanned Showing Lines

The before and after scans above and below also go to show another interesting aspect of the Whitelines paper which is that when you photocopy or scan it, the lines become invisible.  These are scans from a previous review of a Whitelines A4 Wired Squared notebook that I really liked.  Since the paper in these new versions is not different, I thought Id show the comparison of the scanned vs. copied pages above and below here.


Whitelines Paper Copied Showing No Lines

I’ve been a fan of the Whitelines notebooks for a while now and the addition of these Whitelines Notebooks with black covers makes me an even bigger fan.  Go try out the  Whitelines Hard Wire A5 Lined Notebook or the Whitelines Hard Wire A6 Lined Notebook and see for yourself though.  You definitely won’t regret picking up these cool office supplies.

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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