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Whitelines Pocket Lined Notebook


The Whitelines Pocket Lined Notebook

A while back I reviewed a Whitelines Notebook that I really enjoyed using, and actually still do enjoy using, so I wanted to write up another of their notebooks.  This one is the pocket sized lined version, which is much smaller, but still quite nice.


Inside of the Whitelines Pocket Lined Notebook

The inside of the Whitelines Pocket Lined notebook uses the same paper as the Whitelines Squared Notebook that I reviewed back in May.  The two major differences with this version are its size (this one is much smaller) and the fact that it has regular lines as opposed to squared graph paper lines.  The pocket sized version of the Whitelines Notebook measures approximately 3.5″ x 5.5″ but has that familiar light gray background with what else, but …. white lines.  The contrast of the light gray background with the white lines makes for a writing experience thats soothing on your eyes.

The great thing about this version of the Whitelines Notebook is that it has a soft flexible cover so you can fold/roll it a bit, or just stick it in the back pocket of your jeans and you probably wont even notice it was there.

As for the pages of the Whitelines Notebooks, here are two quick images to show you again the difference between what it looks like normally, and what it looks like when you scan, copy, or fax using it

Im having trouble uploading images today, so unfortunately I dont have the scans available to complete this post.  I hope to get that worked out this weekend.

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