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Whitelines Wire Slim Squared Notebook


The Whitelines Slim Wired Graph Notebook

Back in May at the National Stationery Show, I got to visit with my friends from Whitelines who showed me some of their new products.  One of them was this Whitelines Slim Squared Notebook.


Whitelines Slim Wired Graph Horizontal Notebook

In my first review of a Whitelines Notebook, I talked about all of their great features such as the fact that it has zero carbon footprint, and that the paper’s light gray background makes it easier on your eyes by not having the distraction of regular lines on the page.  Another cool thing about this paper is that the lines disappear (see the scan below) when you copy, scan, or fax tha pages which make it great for keeping things clean and neat looking.   This new “slim” notebook from Whitelines is unique because of the dimensions, it measures about 5.8″ x 11.7″ which means that it is the same size as an A4 notebook, but about 2.5″ more narrow.  This size makes it great for those of us with limited desk space, you can put it on the side of your computer or monitor for easy lists and notes, or put it in front of your keyboard for the same purpose.


Now After Scanning, No More Grid Lines…Magic!

Much like the previous versions of Whitelines paper that I  have reviewed, the paper is really nice to write on with just about any pen, fountain pens included.  The only issue some might have with the paper is that most inks don’t dry that quickly on here, so you have to be careful, and it probably is not ideal for lefties.  One other curious thing is that unlike most of their other coil bound notebooks, this one does not have perforated pages, so ripping out a sheet cleanly would require a sharp pair of scissors or a razor blade.  Otherwise, the Whitelines Slim Squared Notebook is a great option to have if you are looking for a slightly different size notebook for list making or any other task that doesn’t require the real estate of a full sheet of paper.

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