Who Is the Cutest Webkinz Character?


Authored by Pamela in Toys and Games
Published on 11-19-2008

Webkinz offers a variety of cute and cuddly pets that anyone can spend hours of fun with. These simple toys appeal to children – and adults – of all ages. The hard part is finding the most adorable, most huggable one of them all. Just which character is the best then?

The Hunt for the Cutest Pet

Anyone can find it mind boggling to choose which one is the cutest. Every plush toy shares the same cheerful face and likeable qualities. They are all affectionate and playful in the virtual pet world as well.

The key here is to choose charming pet that agrees with your personality the most. A person who likes horses can say they are cuter than all the other animals combined. Other people might be dog lovers and argue that man’s best friend is way cuter than the rest.

Not all Cuteness is Created Equal

Webkinz characters can have different personalities, too. There are big pets and special pets called Lil Kinz as well. A pet dog is loyal and playful, but will need a lot of exercise to keep it happy. A cat might be playful, but can have less energy than a dog. A horse, on the other hand, can be fun to take care of. You can also choose an exotic pet, like a leopard, tiger, or even a unicorn! Each pet has its own special uniqueness that can win anyone’s heart.

Here’s a sample:

  • Persian Cat has fluffy fur and the sweetest smile you can imagine. It likes to lie around, visit other pet friends, and play games.
  • Poodle is known for its stylish looks and intelligence.
  • Panda is laid back and gentle.
  • Tiger will not run away when you hold is by the toe. It would even ask you to adopt it.
  • Cheeky Monkey is mischievous but affectionate.
  • Elephant is big, loves to learn, and have fun.
  • Pink Pony has the prettiest looks with its dazzling pink mane.
  • Lion may be king of the jungle but it can still be house trained. It loves to lie on the couch and have tasty snacks.

Which One Should You Choose?

Find a virtual pet that fits your personality. If you are shy and quiet, you might find a more subdued pet more appealing. If you are a person that is always full of energy, you might want to have the most playful and active pet as the cutest.

The best part – you do not even have to choose! Just buy more and let your collection grow! Have more fun with your friends, no matter which Webkinz character you think is the cutest.


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