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Who says Dissertation Writing is Difficult? View thisDissertation Example

This is the first time you are writing a major research paper but have no idea how to go about it then why not seek for an articulate dissertation example to devise a winning dissertation? Students usually need assistance when writing a dissertation. They seek perfect models that answer their dissertation writing requirements. It is customary to look for an example of a dissertation for developing a clear understanding of the process. There are 10 sections in an example of dissertation 1.The cover page It includes the title, name of the author, and date that is centrally aligned with the bold 16-font size of Times and 1.5line spacing. The footer contains the degree, area of study, department and the name of the university. 2.Abstract Abstract is the summary of the dissertation and is only of 100-120 words. It entails the problem, objectives, methodology and achievements of the study.The writer may add the time and date in the footer. 3.Attestation It certifies that the research is an original work and is not plagiarized. The author undersigns it on the certification day. 4.Acknowledgement In this section, you give credit to the people who have helped you in your work. 5.Table of Contents It serves as an index to your dissertation telling the number of chapters, sub-sections and page numbers. 6.Introduction

In the introduction chapter, use Times New Roman font with 12-size point and1.5 line spacing. For the heading and paragraph style, useHeading 1

style while for sub-section, use Heading 2 style. Use single curly quotes for embedding excerpts. In background sub-section, explain the perspective of your study while the latter include the scope, achievements and a brief overview. 7.Technical Chapters They contain a number of chapters that comprises ofliterature review and the research approach for data collection. These chapters may include sub-sections for different components like variables, instruments and type of research method with the same formatting style mentioned above. 8.Conclusion Analysis and comparison of the data with the objectives of the study is done. An automatic cross-reference format can also be used with the same typescript as in the rest of the document. 9.References Use the Reference paragraph style to formulate this section. It also cross-references the document and generates referencing for books, reports, journal articles, and web pages. 10.Appendix There are three kinds of appendices. The first one contains the relevant but supplementary data comprising of tables, charts and diagrams whereas the second and third one contains list of software. It gives a user and an installation guide. These samples are helpful as they work as a clear-cut manual. They offer a general idea of the content of research project and its format.Dissertation example helps you in getting good grades as in their light you are able to produce successful dissertations.

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