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Who wear belts more

  • By Jackson Wllian
  • Published 11/29/2010
  • Writing

Well, different people hold different opinions when it comes to this question. It is said that a belt for a man is like a lip for a woman. But more women wear belts today. However, many people said that watches, belts and leather shoes were secret weapons of men’s. As a matter of fact, it is important to both men and women. And it is a fact that more men wear it than women. Why?Because it plays an important role in a man’s life!It is said that a man’s waist gains most attention. Because of his body shape, his waist grabs people’s sights. Thus, it is necessary for him to have such an accessory as a decoration of the waist.

However, a belt is not just an accessory for him. It is a tool for him to enhance his look. It shows how man

ly he is. Sometimes he looks elegant with some elegant belts. It is true that he cannot live well without it. Almost every man has it. Even though a man pays little attention to his image, he has at least a belt in his wardrobe.A man wears it for another purpose: showing his social position, taste and personality. Successful men wear it. Others wear it. It has different styles and designs. It can be elegant. It can be rough. It can be luxurious. It means a lot to a man.Men need a belt more than women do. It is a necessity for them if they want to leave good impressions to others. It is an important part of life. It even decides whether a man will be succeeded or not!It is obvious that more men wear belts in both work and life. They need it. Their life cannot be completed without it.

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