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Why 3DTV is a Game Changer

  • By Barry Knightly
  • Published 03/1/2012

3D Technology has come a long way since the anaglyph glasses of old (the ones with the red and blue lenses, for those of you that aren’t fluent in tech speak) and in recent years it really has revolutionised the viewing experience.

3DTV technology actually replicates the process that takes place in our retinas every single day, essentially using depth of field to simulate the distance between objects on screen. Whilst some televisions do it poorly, this is more often to do with the content rather than the hardware. Some films activate the process of 3D after the content has been shot, this is known as 2D to 3D conversion. By and large the results of this process never matches up to the experience of watching something originally shot in 3D.

What is the difference? Well content shot in 3D is filmed using special 3D cameras that directly mimic our eyes, they have two camera lens, spaced exactly the same distance apart as our eyes. Conversion content is shot on regular 2D cameras, leading to a transition in the edit.

But this has largely been recognised by the industry which is why conversion is coming to the end of its days and content filmed in 3D is really coming to the fore.

So why is now the time to jump on the bandwagon? Because advances in the technology over recent years has lead to an experience that is now fantastic. The 3DTV experience is now pretty much like looking out of a window, you can really enjoy the depth of what is happening onscreen like never before. Combine the experience with surround sound and it really feels like you are on the movie set.

With these changes 2DTV really is being left in the dark ages and in a few years everybody will have a 3DTV, so why not beat the rush? Probably because its expensive right? Well actually 3DTVs aren’t that different in price to other high-end 2DTVs and considering the small difference in price for the gulf in immersive experience, there isn’t really much of an excuse these days.

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a fan of 3DTV.



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