Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

Dog owners love their pets and want nothing more than to see them happy and healthy. A common question from dog owners is why does my dog eat grass? Does this mean your dog has a health problem? No. Dogs commonly eat grass. There are several reasons why your dog may be eating a path through your backyard.


Dogs are descended from wild canines that had to hunt for their food. The first part of the animal a dog would eat was the stomach, which often contained grasses, nuts and fruits. This is because greens and roughage are vital to a dog’s diet. Contrary to popular belief, dogs can actually thrive on a vegetarian diet. However, few dog foods focus on vegetables.

This is where grass comes into play. Dogs will normally eat grass due to a vitamin deficiency. Dogs can’t exactly tell us what they’re missing, so they find a way to remedy the problem themselves. In order to have a well balanced diet, dogs often eat pieces of grass as a supplement.

Upset Stomach

One thing many dog owners notice is their dog vomiting after eating grass. This is why so many owners associate illness with eating grass. In reality, dogs often eat grass when they’ve eaten something bad for them or if they have an upset stomach. Grass works as a stomach irritant to induce vomiting. What owners see as a bad thing is a simple treatment to make your dog feel better.

If you notice your dog has an upset stomach frequently, you may need to change your dog food. If the problem continues, contact your veterinarian. Grass induced vomiting should be infrequent, meaning no more than once or twice per week, especially for outdoor dogs. This is mainly due to dogs eating insects which cause nausea.


Not all grass and plants are healthy. Many plants are poisonous, so ensure your dog is just eating plain, green grass and not the plants in your flowerbeds or garden. Also, if you have mushrooms in your yard, watch to be sure your dog doesn’t try to eat those. Some varieties of mushroom can cause illness. If you place fertilizer on your yard, keep your dog inside or away from the fertilized area. Fertilizer can cause illness and even death in dogs.

If you wish to prevent your dog from eating grass, there are a few things you can do. First, locate an indoor dog food. This type of dog food includes greens, grains and wheats that your dog needs in its diet. You can find indoor varieties in both dry and wet dog foods. Second, keep your lawn mowed and trimmed. Dogs are attracted to taller clumps of grass. By keeping it trimmed, this prevents some of the temptation.

Dogs mainly eat grass because they’re missing something in their diet. Eating grass may also indicate an upset stomach. However, there is no need to rush your dog to the vet when you notice your dog grazing. Eating grass is healthy and common for most dog breeds.


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