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Why is it mandatory to wear school uniform?

  • By Sony Charlie
  • Published 09/12/2012

It has always been a topic of debate whether school dresses should be a part of the educational system. There are people who who support the use of school dress while few criticize the need. However, sufficient number of schools around the world are supporting the conceptof wearing school uniform because of the benefits it offers to the school authorities.

The advantages of school formal dress:

·         School dress promotes a sense of equality among the students. Since everyone wears the similardress,students will not be able to distinguish themselves on the basis of clothing. A positive environment of unity is maintained as there is no pressure of buying expensive  clothes.

·         From a safety point of view, it becomes easier to recognize any intruder in the school.

·         School dresses reduce the chances of gang violence.

·         It is a big relief for the parents. School uniforms are less expensive than the branded clothes.

·         Wearing stylish clothes in the school can cause distraction. School uniform helps to concentrate on the school work. This helps to improve the spirits of the school. As a result, the overall performance of the school will be improved.

·         School dress helps to reduce behavioral problems and create a more organized environment for learning.

Important instruction for school formal dress:

The school dresses should be designed in a generic manner. For example,  pants or skirt in a conservative color, with a white shirt and jacket.

Personal jewelry if it is small and unobtrusive, should be allowed.

Uniforms for the students should be designed at the school. It helps in knowing the current fashion trends among the teenagers so that the uniform cannot be used by the students as their own fashion statement.

Trends in school formal dress:

Schools should be aware of the benefits of following the correct trends while getting the academic and social benefits of school dress. As school formals are a necessity, manufacturers, adhere to higher standards of safety and affordability. They should take care of the fact that there is nothing in the school dress that could harm the child while they are wearing the uniform.

Different types of school dress:

School uniforms differ in different countries. You cannot expect the the school uniform of the united States  to be the same as the school formal dresses in Melbourne. In many schools, girls are allowed to wear the same clothing as the boys. While in other schools, it requires the girls to wear skirts, dresses, jumpers with a polo shirt or blouse etc. During the winter, students generally have to wear either sweaters or blazers along with the school uniform. All the schools do keep uniformity in the winter wear also. There are different school dress for the physical education classes in many schools as well.

Shops are not the only option from where you can purchase school dresses. You can buy school uniform online. In this case, you need to specify the location where you stay. For example if you stay in Melbourne, you need to mention formal dresses  Melbourne as well as the name of the school in which your kid studies and search for the dress online easily.

Author Bio: Sony Charlie is a style icon and a trendsetter in the world of fashion, lifestyle and entertainment. She lives a life that is full of color, flavor and lots of happiness. She loves to make her presence vibrant anywhere she goes and anything she does. Sony Charlie is also a good writer who puts down her thoughts on dress shops Melbourne through her articles. She has been writing for many commercial brands on a freelance basis. Sony Charlie suggests you to visit Sassy Boutique – an apparel brand, if you are a real fashion freak.


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