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Why Join Summer Rock Camp?

The summer camps are arranged all over the United States of America every year during the summer season. The summer camps are arranged for different purposes as some are for studies, some are for sports while others are just for fun. Just like the other summer camps, summer music camps and summer rock camps are also arranged every year. The famous places where these kids’ music camps are arranged include New York City and the Westchester County. The summer music camp New York and music camp Westchester are joined by hundreds of Americans and other kids every year. The highlighting features of the summer music camps in New York are that they serve the participants without being biased. All the kids and teens regardless of their colour, creed, race and language are invited by the rock camp NY and rock Camp Westchester County. Although there may be some admission criterion set by the summer rock camp such as age of the participant and admission fee. As the camps are planned for kids and teens the age of the campers stays in the bracket of 9 to 17 years old. The fee charged varies from camp to camp; it may be as low as 50 to 80 dollars or as high as 300 to 400 dollars per camper.Why shall one spend hundreds of dollar to join summer music camp in NY? The straightforward answer is for your child. Here are some of the advantages that campers receive during their stay in summer rock camp:•    The campers living away from their house develops a sense of independence.•    Kids began to know more children sharing their interest and talent.•    Participants are given hard time in summer music camp so they can prepare themselves for harsh market competition.•    Campers are forced to do hard work and encouraged to try new ideas.•    A perfect environment is provided to the campers to develop their musician’s skills.•    The campers are allowed to perform on live platforms so they can abandon the fear.•    Most importantly every camper develops a sense of confidence and self respect.•    Every camper is treated on individual level as well as group level•    Kids of all skill levels are welcomed by the summer music camp and encouraged to work in their area of interest•    A common set of musicians’ skills are taught to all campers

New York Rock Academy is a pioneer music institute where music lovers can nurture their skills. Summer rock camps are organized here regularly. You can register here and learn music. For more information please visit: Summer Music Camps


The motivating force at Chappaqua Rocks is excitement! Kids and teens are placed into bands with others of similar age, taste and playing ability, and immediately begin making music. Regardless of level, students will be encouraged to explore the music they truly love.

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