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Why not get a pair of fashionable glasses

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  • Published 02/24/2011
  • Non-Fiction

As a student , I find that one aspect of the peer pressure among the new generation of young people lies in the fact that they are fairly afraid to be told by their fellows that they are running out of fashions. From a detailed research just among the several guys in my dorm, I have further discovered that apart from fashionable clothes, shoes, and hair styles, they especially care about whether the glasses are stylish enough to match them or not. Let me quote some of their opinions to specifically express the reason why the new generation of young people pay so much special attention to pop glasses. “Give me a break! Who is able to put up with the words by others that you are out?” One cute roommate told me the other day, briefly and firmly, which seems to tell us the fact that in the present world young people are crazy about fashionable glasses in order for nothing but just chasing after fashions. Does this make much sense? I guess so in some ways. “I am not near-sighted, but I am keen on stylish glasses not just for that superficial purpose.” Another roommate argued. “You know, there are certain kinds of things that can make a significant difference to a person’s cast of mind. It can make you feel deep-thinking, calm, reliable and full of meanings. In a word, it can add to your personal charm and make you outstand maybe in front of the girls. So why not?” That seems to be a rather thoughtful answer and I appreciate it up to a point. “Some people in the modern society wear pop glasses due to the needs of their professions. We can see those people working as fashion-designers, dressers, and reporters for fashionable magazines and so on often wear pop glasses in order to make themselves look more professional and more capable. Just like some students do that merely to make themselves look more like students.” Well, so much for this. But of-course modern young people may wear stylish glasses for other reasons as well, which is up to personal needs.The author ardently suggest you to use the best chanel glasses supplied by reputable vendor.



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