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Why Rude Valentines Cards Work Best

  • By Bill Weston
  • Published 01/24/2012
  • Writing

No matter what most girls say they can’t help falling for that cheeky chappy with a wicked sense of humour. Ladies love a bit of flirtation and no matter what they say everyone likes a bit of attention from a boy with a sense of humour! By sending Valentines cards with a bold statement you can be sure to get your desired lady’s attention and make her notice you this valentines day. Sending a cheeky Valentines card sends ladies into a tizzy – that’s why they work best. They make her laugh and make her think about what life could be like with you. They also give her an indication of your personality and let her know a few things about you… 1.You’re confident

That’s right. Women know that only self-assured men would get away with sending a Valentines card with a naughty edge. Confidence is a major turn on. It’s not just George Clooney’s good looks that has him fighting off hordes of women but also the well-established confident swagger. If it’s the Oceans 11 look you are going for then be sure to exude confidence and make sure this c

omes across in the message you write in the card. 2.You’re a bit of rebel Ladies like a guy that who walks on the wild side every now and again. From Marlon Brando to Robert Downey Jnr girls have always gone for someone who will give us the possibility of an exhilarating time. By giving a girl a saucy Valentines card you’re already be pushing the boundaries as you’ve broken the mould from the romantic option. It lets women know that you’ll be adventurous and exciting. Most likes like to look back and reflect on their ‘bit of rough’ so get them thinking about it now. 3.You’ve got a sense of humour and don’t take yourself too seriously

The last thing women need is a guy who is too precious and lacks a sense of humour. Women already have to fit in time to work, see friends, eat well and go to the gym so don’t have the time or patience for someone who is just going to be time and maintenance. When a lady receives a Rude Valentines card it gives her the indication that you have a sense of humour about yourself. And here’s the science bit. Studies have shown that women think funny men are also intelligent too – result!



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