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Why should you choose 3D architectural visualization

Architectural visualization is the processof makingimages that reflect the planned environment even before the start of the construction. Visualizations are used by the architects as a means to support a far finished building or structures. It can also be used to provide a brilliant representation of the proposed design to the clients. Before starting the 3D architectural visualization, you must have the necessary evaluation plan with you.

The evolution of 3D architectural visualization

Relevant software and the concept of architecture are required for 3D architectural visualization.The essentials of any architectural visualization are the floor plan and the evaluation plan of the proposed structures.

Application of the 3D architectural visualization

High and low-rise building

Residential and commercial buildings

Resort construction

Landscape development

Hotel and leisure facilities

Two to three story apartment

School building

 The utility  of architectural visualization

·         Architects use 3D architectural visualization to make visual presentations and designs  for their projects. It helps both in construction and convincing the clients regarding the exposure of the projects. 3d animations and photos are used in the 3D visualization.

·         3D visualization models are so accurate  that people often mistake them for the real life photo. 3D architectural visualisation can cover any project with all the relevant technical facts, making it very simple to construct in real life.

·         Visuals can be extremely expressive by includingreal life elements like sunlight effect, shadow etc. It permits the architect to explorethe  horizon indesigning and planning.

·         Architectural visualization has made the architectural field move very fast and has improved the possibility of innovativeness in a project.

·         Even people who have no skills in hand drawings can be an architect and designer with the help of 3D visualization.

·         It is much convenient to modify a design with 3D visuals. You can also keep a track of the progress of construction work and get an idea whether they are adhering to the original design.

·         Visualization enhances the value of design and communication. It gives a clearpicture tothe clients and contractors to comprehend the intent and exquisiteness of the design.

·          Architectural visualization also helps the builders,real estate developers to produce aneffectiveillustration of their planned development.

·         It maintains the right proportion and scale. It is possible to modify the size and quality of images according to the clients demand.

·         3D architectural visualization improves marketability of the design . It helps the architect to prove his abilities to deliver quality work on time.

·         Architectural visualization minimizes the error in the design. This will help to reduce the time and cost required for the construction.

·         3D architectural visualization gets special attention from regulatory authorities as they are easy  to review.

 Different types of Architectural visualization have distinctive uses

Animation  with  pertinent dynamic visuals.

Static photos of the projects.

Rendering based and seen in the panoramic style and real time mode

Renderings of the renewed form of an old structure that will be reconstructed.

3D architectural visualization has spread worldwide because of its immense contribution in the field of architecture to make work easier and convenient.

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