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Why Teach Others to Do What You Do?

  • By Kenneth Vogt
  • Published 11/25/2011
  • Article Writing

Why teach others to do what you do? The answer to that question is really very simple, but not everyone realizes it. What do you think to yourself when you hear this question? Do you think you know the answer? Whatever you think it is, consider these things before you decide for sure. Doing something well is probably not something that you think about, at least not now that you know how to do it. It comes so naturally now that it is locked into your subconscious like your muscles have motor memory. If you try to think about it too hard, it probably isn’t even something you have taken time to worry about. But there was a time when you did not feel so confidently about your ability, but even the time when that changed is probably a blur. This is a very valuable thing. Whatever you do well is a unique gift. Being able to do it with expertise is like having a secret treasure that is all your own. You may have learned it through experience or taught yourself over time. Some people have natural talent at what they do and some worked all of their life to achieve it. Whatever the method you may have taken to get where you are now, that is a journey that has been uniquely yours. No other person can express it or understand it better than you do.

So in the course of your life, you have made some success with your knowledge. You probably do not realize how many oth

ers have never achieved even a few moments of that before. This is a powerful thing, you have overcome obstacles and even learned to rise to your own challenges. In some ways you have even had to face your own demons, overcome fears of failure and also you probably have failed a few times. So many things have led you through the course of your journey, that you may have forgotten a lot of the details. But most of it you remember and it is something that you should take pride in. When you take the next step and teach to others what you know you are giving away the power of your experience. It could be about life, or business, or even about how to do something mundane like drive a car or ride a bike. By giving away that power, you allow others the chance to pull themselves up with it and become something greater than they were before. By giving it away you don’t have faith in the universe, but rather you have faith that people can do what you have done. You have faith that others can rise up and be as capable as you have, maybe even better. More importantly you are affirming the fact that they deserve it, just like you do. By teaching other to do what you do, you pass the torch to the next human being and open your heart to whatever is next. And you remember that you have faith in yourself and you are who you wanted to be. That is a gift of pure reality. Nothing is more valuable in life. So again now, ask yourself the question.

Why teach others to do what you do? Why not?



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