Why Webkinz Is Good For Kids

Have you ever agonized over what to give your kids at Christmas or on their birthdays? You want something kid-friendly, but they want something that is too graphic or worse, too violent for them. Why not give them something fun and educational at the same time?

Webkinz Pets offers a whole selection of adorable stuffed animals that can double as virtual pets. You get a cute plush toy for countless hours of imaginary play and a virtual pet for more creative online activities. Each stuffed toy comes with a secret code that kids can use to register at the official Webkinz pet world. Your child will not be able to resist bringing home this versatile toy.

Children can choose from a variety of charming and cuddly dogs, frogs, cats, rabbits, horses, bears, and other friendly animals. They can enjoy endless playtime by themselves or with their friends doing fun online learning activities.

What Kids can do with Their Pets

Kids first adopt a pet and give it a name, and then decide if it is a boy or a girl. They can feed their pets or take the animal out for exercise. “Kinz” money is assigned to your child as a pet owner. Using their virtual money, kids can buy pet clothes, accessories, and furniture. Children can also enjoy designing a custom room for their animals. But the fun does not stop there!

The Webkinz world also has arcade and trivia games and a lot more exciting activities, with new ones added regularly. Kids can invite their friends’ pets into their own pet’s room, or they can join their friends in multi-player arcade games. They can also chat with their friends in a safe online environment, where no personal information is ever disclosed.

What Kids can Learn

Not only that, these virtual pets can teach kids the value of responsibility. Every pet has meters that give a clue if it is happy, healthy, and well fed. Kids can learn about money when they handle virtual Kinz money to buy food and other things for their pets.

The official pet site also has online quiz games where kids can learn more stuff and test their knowledge. They can earn more Kinz money from the trivia game prize money.

Parents are guaranteed an educational, fun, and safe online community at Webkinz. Your child not only gets a toy, but a new best friend that can help teach him or her about caring and being more creative. With Webkinz, children can have endless hours of fun with entertaining and stimulating play.


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