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Why Would You Want to Learn Copywriting?

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 12/4/2009
  • Copywriting

Online business has added to the growing demand for copywriters or good writers who can easily supply a number of articles daily or weekly to drive traffic to their website site and persuade potential clients to buy their products. Offline, business establishments and advertising agencies are always in need of full-time copywriters or part-timers to create creative copy to increase sales. The Copywriting Boom The demand points to one direction – the growing need for copywriters. Ride the boom now because statistics show that the trend will continue beyond 2010. By that time you have enhanced your writing skills and can be choosy with clients. Or if you have a business and want to do your own product articles to generate sales, you can save a lot of money by writing copy yourself because copywriters, especially the cream of the crop are not cheap. Another thing to bear in mind is the improving economy. With more business on the rise, the position for copywriting will be numerous because this is an essential marketing tool. As a freelance or full-time copywriter, it will be easy for you to find these coveted jobs. These are coveted positions because the pay is good and the hours are flexible. What’s so special about Copywriting?

Unlike promotional product copy, copywriting is concerned about re

sponse writing. The objective is generate customer inquiry or responding to specific product offers. Instead of sending a message or providing a lethal dose of product information, copywriters aim to generate direct response. As such, copywriters have mastered a different skill – the ability to get immediate response and generate sales. As a copywriter with no mean ability, the talent is prized by business owners and will be ready to pay handsomely for this service. Since the hours are flexible and you can fit in the writing schedule into your daily routine, it will be easy for you to earn extra money to pay off the mortgage or save for a family holiday. Now what is so special about this type of writing? Words. Copy writers have been trained to use words that attract attention and knowing how people are careful about their money, the following magic words wins them over – free trial, no obligation, risk-free, guaranteed, yours free, free, money-back guarantee, know why people love it, and act now while supply lasts.

Copywriting scores on words and word images to create a sense of urgency, instigates public inquiry, or create a need. Copywriters don’t write to impress, but write to inform to get the desired response. There is no need for big hard-to-pronounce words, but everyday words that everyday people use in their conversations. But there is no excuse to misspell a word or use offensive jargon just to catch the reader’s attention.



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