Why You Need a Weight Loss Chart Now

Authored by Michael Grisso in Weight Issues 
Published on 11-30-2008

The importance of a weight loss chart is to keep you organized and committed to the task. Thousands of people try new diets and different ways to lose weight everyday. However, our guess would be that about 95% of them fail. While the reasons may not pertain to just a weight loss chart, it does have an everlasting effect. We will explain below why this is such a crucial part to your daily routine.

Just Like Golf

Even if you do not play, you have probably heard the old saying, “It only takes one good shot to make you come back.” This is very similar to trying to lose weight because that one day that you show progress, you know you can do it again. However, there is complacency and frustration along the way, but having a weight loss chart will allow you to narrow down the problems so the next day will be better.

A Simple One

It does not matter what weight loss chart you use, because they all work. The only thing needed on a simple version is a section for each day, the date, your current weight for that day, the change, and your total weight loss amount. This alone is enough to get you started and will give you enough tools to gauge the differences. Then again, if you want to go a little further there are more informative charts.

The List of Foods

If you want to take it one step further, try adding a section for the foods you ate that day. Even if you go rogue and eat five pieces of pizza write it down. Since it all has an effect on your weight program, it is important to write down the good and bad foods you eat throughout the day. In doing so, on the days you notice weight gain you can figure out where it all went wrong. Then vice versa for the days you lose weight.


Even though several companies out there will tell you different things, the daily calorie intake is still 2,000. Granted this is based on you keeping your body healthy, but the main goal is to become a little more educated on what you take in each day. You can always add a calorie section to your weight loss chart and reap the rewards of knowing how many calories are in each food.

The Endless Options

There are several other variations you can add to your weight loss chart to get the most benefit from it. Another one we like is adding a comments section. This allows you to write down how you felt that day, and what you are feeling at the time you jot it down. Maybe you are disappointed, happy, or ecstatic. Whatever the case may be it can help you do better or keep it up the following day. Once you have this down, all you need is a good weight loss diet to help you along the way.


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