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Why you need fashionable sunglasses

  • By Donald Medrano
  • Published 01/28/2011
  • Article Writing

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun There are two vital reasons why you need sunglasses. They filter light and they protect your eyes from damaging ultra-violet rays. It’s true that exposure to UV rays can damage your eyes and lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, or skin cancer. If you are outdoors, sunglasses can protect your eyes. Eye Problems Caused by UV Rays Everyone might have eye problems which are caused by the sun. You might have eye problems due to the sun, if you spend long hours in the sun, have had cataract surgery or have certain retina disorders, or you are on certain medicines, such as tetracycline, sulfa drugs, birth control pills, diuretics, and tranquilizers that increase the eye’s sensitivity to light. Extra Eye Protection It’s better for sunglasses lenses to let your temples keep out more light and UV radiation than typical lenses. Professionals tell us that less squinting make less wrinkles to protect your eyes. Sunglasses Lenses Various colors for sunglasses lenses can absorb light. It’s your personal taste to choose the color, but you should consider some important color-related benefits. There are various colors for you to choose from, such as gray, brown and amber, yellow, green, and rose. There are different lenses for you to choose from, such as polarizing films, think coating, plastic, mirror, Photochromatic, and anti-reflective coating. Sunglasses Frame Components Sunglasses frames are made from plastic, base metals, titanium, aluminum and various materials. You should compare their weight and to know which ones feel the best for you. The Style of Sunglasses The sunglasses styles have been changing every year. Selections are so various that no pair really goes out of style. The prices for designer and specialty sunglasses might be higher, and you can find all various fashion glasses for sale at suitable prices. Be careful to know the UV ratings. If you have not decided the frames for you, you should try as many styles as possible. Suitable Sunglasses The functions of suitable sunglasses should reduce glare, filter out 99-100% of UV rays, protect your eyes, are comfortable to wear, and do not distort colors. Gucci Sunglasses Gucci sunglasses are fashionable and glamorous. It’s a well know fact that Gucci sunglasses make you stand out in the crowd, no matter who you are or where you are. Combining fine Italian materials and craftsmanship, Gucci sunglasses offer sleek and contemporary styling for both females and males. Gucci sunglasses which are made by designers are very popular today. Recommendation for Females They are large square frame sunglasses with interlocking G and signature on temple. The choices of tortoise plastic frames are green, red and green web. The Lenses are brown gradient. They include black neoprene case with Gucci logo and green, red, green signature web, and black pouch with signature web drawstring closure. They can offer 100% UVA or UVB protection. The affordable price is 220 American dollars. Recommendation for Males They are large aviators frame sunglasses with Gucci trademark logo on temple. They have white plastic frames with blue and red details with grey gradient lenses. They can offer 100% UVA or UVB protection.



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