Why You Should Make Your Own Baby Food

The movement to be natural, green, and organic as reached every aspect of life including energy, fuel, and even baby food. Families making their own baby food is not a new concept, however in a society where quick, easy meals are a must, packaged baby foods have exploded in popularity.

If you have a new baby in your life, or if you are contemplating making the switch from jarred to homemade baby foods, then explore these reasons why you should make your own baby food.

Added nutrition for your baby

Fresh, natural foods are best for your baby. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and natural goodness that canned varieties cannot provide. Jarred baby foods can sometimes sit on store shelves for extended periods and lose their nutritional value. Also, processed baby foods can contain dangerous preservatives that are designed to increase shelf life.

When you prepare your own baby food, you can use organic ingredients, and know that you are providing your baby with foods that have the highest nutritional value possible.

Money saver:

Caring for babies is expensive. While formula, diapers, and clothing are some of the most expensive baby items, food can also take a huge chunk out of your wallet. Many jarred or packaged baby foods like fruits and vegetables can cost upwards of a dollar per jar, and if you buy organic you could be spending two or three dollars per container.

Instead of overspending on prepared baby foods, save money by making your own. You can buy fresh, in season ingredients at lower prices to use on the spot, or you can prepare baby food and freeze it for later use.


While it may seem like buying jarred and packaged baby foods is the simplest way to feed your baby, making your own baby food at home can be just as easy. One of the best tips for making your own baby food is to work with foods that you are already making for the rest of your family.

Foods like chicken, turkey, steamed vegetables, pasta, and fruit make fantastic meals for baby. The possibilities are essentially endless when you make your own baby food. All you need is a quality food grinder or food mill, and a little water to loosen the consistency of the food. Check out websites like Amazon.com, and Kidco, Inc. for great food grinders.

Early appreciation of adult foods:

Feeding your baby homemade baby food can lead to can early appreciation for “real” or adult tastes and flavors. Packaged baby foods may say that they have no added ingredients or flavors, but if you have ever sampled store bought baby foods, you have to admit that the jarred carrots or green beans do not taste the same as freshly prepared.

Making homemade baby foods can introduce your baby to “real” food flavors early on, so that as your baby grows and matures, the transition to adult foods will be an easier one.

Whether you purchase pre-made baby food, or prepare your own, please follow your pediatrician’s instructions for introducing new foods into your baby’s diet. This will lesson the risk of possible infant food allergies. If you opt to use jarred and packaged baby foods, please choose items that are free of added chemicals and preservatives.


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