Why You Should Vacation In The Bahamas

Located just off the coast of Florida lie the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, a picturesque Caribbean destination where rest and relaxation is the name of the game. While the Bahamas haven’t enjoyed the recent celebrity exposure like St. John or St. Barts, the islands are still one of the best places to explore the Caribbean culture and enjoy the local lifestyle.

Unlike other vacation destinations, the islands of the Bahamas enjoy beautiful weather year round. Summer temperatures range from 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and the cool season (September to May) enjoys temperatures in the mid 70s. For travelers who crave the nightlife, the temperate Bahamian nights allow even the biggest night owls to enjoy themselves clear into the morning hours.

The Bahamas cater to all types of vacationers and have something for everyone to enjoy. For travelers looking for family-friendly vacation fun, large vacation resorts on Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island offer the perfect getaway. Kids can play on the endless beaches and zip down water slides while parents can enjoy a poolside drink, a couple’s massage, or even do a bit of gambling. Families looking for a bit more action can snorkel off the coast, rent boats and jet skis, and even swim with the dolphins.

For vacationers looking for a more adventurous excursion, the Out Islands of the Bahamas offer incredible ecological sights, local culture, and a peaceful seclusion and sense of privacy. Among great places to explore are the Abaco Islands, the Berry Islands, and Eleuthera/Harbour Island. On the Out Islands, travelers can enjoy sailing, fishing, and diving without feeling crowded or rushed. Travelers can also get away from the cookie-cutter hotels and live like the locals (literally) by renting a vacation house or cottage. Boat rentals are also very popular as many of the smaller, uninhabited islands are unreachable any other way.

The Caribbean Sea is home to a multitude of beautiful and unique marine life, thanks in large part, to the tropical waters and coral reefs. While professional divers come to the Bahamas from all over the world, vacationers don’t have to be diving experts in order to experience the under water beauty. Thanks to the crystal clear Caribbean waters, vacationers can explore the marine life just by looking over the side of a boat or snorkeling right off the beach. More adventurous travelers can try their hand at scuba diving with gear, lessons and safety instructions all included. Exploring the marine life is made even easier by the warm water temperatures, ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the season (for comparison, the water temperatures in Southern California hover between mid 50s and high 60s degrees Fahrenheit).

The variety and versatility of activities found in the Bahamas is second to none in the Caribbean. The beautiful islands are a wonderful place for everyone to vacation, from kids and grandparents, to young adults, couples, and honeymooners. While people can’t agree whether its the sand, surf, or sun that makes the Bahamas so great, one thing is certain: the islands are a little slice of heaven, sure to be enjoyed, and never to be forgotten.


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