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Win a $100 OfficeMax Gift Card Supply Jacking


Two lucky winners will each get a $100 OfficeMax Gift Card

In a post last week I talked about the recent study that OfficeMax did to look into what they call “supply-jacking” or simply stealing office supplies.  Well, I think most of us have some experience with that phenomenon so when OfficeMax offered to sponsor a contest with a theme on stealing office supplies, I jumped at the chance to be able to offer this up to all of my wonderful readers.


This is a pretty awesome giveaway, there will be two winners, and each winner will receive a $100 gift card from the friendly folks at OfficeMax.  Much like Milton above from the movie Office Space, we all have our favorite office supplies that we are worried someone might try to steal off our desks.  Your favorite may not be a Red Swingline like Milton, but we’d love to hear your story about your favorite office supply “disappearing” from your workspace. Have you taken any action against this pilfering to protect your favorite supplies such as labeling your items, buying extras or hiding them in your desk drawers? Or are you the culprit of “borrowing” office supplies from your coworkers or office to use at home?

Either way, you will have two ways to enter this supply-jacking contest:

1st Entry – Share your best “Supply-Jacker” story in the comments section below! Your story can involve a coworker who took your favorite office product OR a time you pilfered supplies from a coworker or your workplace to use at home.

2nd Entry – Spread the word about this contest on Twitter by tweeting the following:

“Enter to win a $100 gift card from @OfficeMax and @OfficeSupplyGee http://bit.ly/bMPStZ #SupplyJackers #giveaway”

….and post another comment here with a link to your Twitter status update.  Just click the time stamp on the tweet to get a direct link to your tweet to post here.

You will have until June 23, 2010 at 11:59 PM Eastern to post your supply-jacking story and/or Twitter status update.  There will be two winners selected and announced on the morning of June 24th.  Winners will be selected by random number generator, and for this contest I will need to limit entrants to those of you located within the US.

Best of luck, and lets hear some good stories!

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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