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Windbreaker jacket with a mix of fashion style

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/7/2012

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Cool and windy day in autumn is the best season to wear a windbreaker, windbreaker has many styles: European and American Wind, Korean and so on. The most important thing is our wholesale clothing shop to bring a windbreaker jacket for everyone, so you should come here to choose one.

The tooling design windbreaker jacket to reveal the handsome and free and easy, with a Scottish-style checkered shirt, highlighting the casual, stylish extraordinary charm.Campus MM must be like the mix of young girls is like personalized with autumn, try trench coat with plaid shirt!

Some of this style windbreaker jacket lady Oh! Elegant Petty were a windbreaker jacket, simple design, make this a black trench coat, looks very atmospheric. With sweater dresses, also very good-looking Korean fashion.

Large lapel design of the upper body of fine lines, this coat Korean flavor Oh! Windbreaker models in models of the kind of look, with almost the length of the Slim dress or T-shirt package hip skirt, super sexy!

Many cute girls, wearing a trench coat like with snow boots, then with a wool cap, is really useful autumn and winter breath! Uniform wind windbreaker jacket, this classic military green, than above several more cool.

Hit color design used on the windbreaker, the overall color blocks becomes jump up and escape from the very strong sense of it. Orange collar, pink sleeves, khaki clothing and body, there are more than this tide range windbreaker White dress inside the ride, but also very significant and refreshing.

The great advantage, particularly the lining color red windbreaker, color. Windbreaker design, the Drawstring design is not in the waist, hip position, this short coat, apparently is a person of short stature MM are tailored with trousers, boots, significantly high The effect is super good!

Ice cream-colored trench coat, gives a sweet feeling, the trench coat lined with white lace, sweet more points!

Wholesale fashion dresses + slim trousers leather+ boots, which has a significantly higher effect in your body. So you should study the recipe from these with pictures on it, and you must become more stylish in this season in our wholesale clothing china shop.

Please come here:http://www.wholesalelucky.com


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