Window Treatment Ideas for Large Windows

Very large windows add beauty to a home when they are accompanied by elegant window treatments that coordinate with the home’s decor. Unfortunately, a very large span of glass could also mean a very daunting task when it comes to finding the right window treatments for the area. The best windows treatment options for large windows include solar films, elegant drapes, vertical blinds, or a combination of two or more types of window treatments.

Solar Film Window Treatments for Large Windows

Solar films made by companies such as Llumar or 3M are perfect for large windows in the home. While the film will require the installation of a professional, most solar films are backed by a lifetime warranty against fading, scratching, discoloring, or peeling. For very large windows in the home such as 3-stage sliding glass doors, entry way windows, or bay windows, solar films can prevent the need for additional window treatments such as curtains or blinds which can obstruct the views of outside.

Solar window films are an excellent choice in window treatments for large windows because they offer the ability to leave the entire span of the window open for the eye to see. Depending on the film that you choose there are also ways to obstruct the view of outsiders looking in. For instance, Llumar makes a solar window film called Autumn Bronze which has a very mirrored reflection on the outside (like mirrored glass) so outsiders will only see their reflection in the window but from the inside the view is crystal clear. Mirrored tints or films offer clear views from inside the home and mirrored reflections from outside.

Drapes for Large Window Treatments

Another option you have when it comes to window treatments for large windows is the use of drapes. The nice thing about drapes is that they can be easily coordinated with any design or home decor. Drapes are usually made from heavily woven fabrics or they can also be made from very sheer fabrics depending on the amount of light blocking you desire the window treatment to provide. Unfortunately, drapes do collect dust and dirt, and they do have to be removed periodically and washed.They also can fade significantly over time due to exposure to UV rays.

Drapes do offer some benefits when it comes to treating large windows. They are very versatile in that you can rearrange or rehang them in various ways to create different looks for the window. For instance, you may hang the drapes so that they just hang loosely across the front of the window or you may choose to use tie backs to hold them open during the day allowing the sunlight to shine in. Valances and scarves can also be used to create dramatic effects for the large window treatments when drapes are in place.

Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

Vertical blinds come in all colors, textures, and styles these days and not just the typical plastic blind that was once so popular in homes. Homeowners and decorators now have the option of purchasing vertical blinds that are made of fabrics, woods, and even aluminum so the ability to coordinate them with a home’s decor is virtually endless.

Vertical blinds are an exceptional choice for large windows because they are relatively easy to install, they are durable, and they give homeowners the ability to make a room both very dark or open and sunny. Different textures offer greater sun blocking abilities while wood vertical blinds typically provide the best sun blockage. Vertical blinds are an especially good choice for very large windows such as sliding glass doors which are used often (where you wouldn’t want to have drapes hanging in the way).

Combination Window Treatments for Large Windows

Some homeowners find that a combination of two or more window treatments works best for very large windows. For example, a solar film placed on large windows with sheer drapes hung add an elegant touch to a room. Solar films also work well on windows that have vertical blinds as the primary window treatment. A combination of two or more window treatments can be used to create dramatic effects for very large windows of the home.


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