Window Treatments for Bedrooms

Window treatments for bedrooms are an important element of the over-all design of the room. The style and fabrics can make a big difference in your mood. How do you choose the right treatment for your bedroom? There are several choices to consider. You may want to think about the style of the room. Often it works to coordinate the window treatment with the bed coverings or headboard. If using fabric, consider the necessary maintenance. Bed coverings will need to be washable.

Window shades are simple and inexpensive, but are effective window treatments for bedrooms. They fulfill the necessary requirements for privacy and light control. The look can be softened by using them with valances, draperies, or shutters.

Wooden shutters or blinds work well for a country or cottage look. Café shutters, which cover only the bottom half of the window, or whole shutters, covering the whole window, are both attractive bedroom window treatments. Shutters can be opened to let in light when wanted or closed for privacy and to darken the room. Valances, curtains, or draperies can be added for decoration.

Venetian blinds will provide the privacy needed in the bedroom. Depending on the color, venetian blinds may cut some light from the room. Because they are somewhat plain, you will probably want to add curtains or drapes to soften the window treatment.

Fabric blinds come in several styles. They create a softer look than venetian blinds but still provide the necessary privacy. Fabric blind decoration is only limited by your imagination. The blinds can be of several styles. Roman blinds fold up to provide light during the day and roll down at night, imparting an informal look. Festoon blinds use a lot of fabric to create a puffy look. Festoon blinds create a romantic mood and, because of their size and bulk, work best in larger rooms and at larger windows.

Curtains and drapes are commonly used for window treatments for bedrooms. There are many variations. Your choice will depend on whether the window will also use shutters or blinds. Sheer curtains go well with any bedroom design. Drapes are more elegant. Rich heavy fabrics will provide a richer feel to the room. If your windows are unattractive or the view is ugly, heavy draperies will effectively hide them.

Valances can successfully soften the appearance of the window and are frequently used with blinds or shutters. Also they are often used alone at windows where privacy is not an issue, and the view is attractive. Valances can be created from wood or fabric. Their style is only limited by your imagination. Wood valances can be decorated or painted. Fabric valances can be smooth or ruffled and made to fit any style of room.

Because bedroom window coverings need to control light and privacy, you may want to consider blackout linings. These can be added to shades, shutters, blinds, or draperies. They will block out most light and make your room dark enough for sleep in the middle of the day.


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