Windows 7 New Features

With the long awaited release of Windows 7, many people who were certain that Vista had been the work of Satan were heartened. Windows 7 was supposed to be what Vista should have been. For those who avoided getting Vista and stuck with Windows XP, from all reports you could now upgrade your operating system without the need to do a major upgrade on your computer. On the other hand if you are using Vista and everything is running smoothly, perhaps you don’t need to upgrade at all – unless you are just dying to get the great new features Windows 7 has to offer.

Windows Touch

With Windows 7 if you have a touchscreen PC you have the ability to use your touchscreen in place of the mouse. While it’s true that there has been limited touch capability in Windows for quite some time, Windows 7 truly expands this capability and makes it fully useful. For example if you want to zoom in, place two fingers on the screen and pull them apart. To right-click, touch with one finger and tap the screen with another. This feature is available on Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate editions of Windows 7.


If sharing files on a home network has been a headache, this new Windows 7 feature will make life a lot easier for you. If you connect two PCs running Windows 7, HomeGroup allows you to automatically share music, document, and other files. If security is a concern HomeGroup can be password-protected.

Windows Search

If finding a file on your Windows-based computer has been a problem, Microsoft has heard you and felt your pain. Start typing in the search box and a list of relevant documents, files, e-mails, and other possibilities will show up. To a degree Vista had this feature, but Windows 7 streamlines it. Now the results will be grouped in the particular relevant file types. If you have files stored on network drives, external drives, and other libraries Windows Search will take that into account as well.

Jump Lists

With Windows 7 new Jump Lists, you can go directly to the documents, pictures, music files, or Internet sites you use every day. Jump lists are created for each type of file you utilize. For example, the Jump Lists for Internet Explorer 8 would show frequently visited Internet sites. Jump lists for Media Player 12 would show frequently played tunes or media files.

Performance Improvements

Windows 7 improves speed and performance on many of the functions. Some these are an improvement in the speed you can set your system to sleep, and recover. As mentioned above the search function is greatly improved. It is also much speedier.

When you plug in a USB device it is ready for you in mere seconds. If you have used it before, you won’t even have to wait that long! Also many of the background services that Vista users found to be resource hogs simple don’t run until you need them. If you are not using a Bluetooth device, then Bluetooth services will not run, thus freeing up valuable resources.

So if your Vista experience was an absolute nightmare, you may want to give Windows 7 consideration.


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