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Winner of the Goldspot Giveaway and a Site Update


Normally we just announce the winners of the monthly giveaways from GoldSpot and Jetpens in our emails, but with the site being in the dark for the last week or so I wanted to make sure we got the word out in multiple methods.  Richard Hanley was our winner this month, so if you are Richard, just check your email and reply to the one from us so we can get the ball rolling on your prize selections.

For those of you that entered the giveaway for the Staples pens, we will be kicking off our regular posting schedule again on Friday of this week by announcing the winners.  Hopefully I can get the pens in the mail pretty quickly after the winners respond, but I have not yet had a chance to check out the situation with my local post offices to see if they are completely up and running after the storm, although I assume they are because I recently started receiving my daily mail again.


Its like having 6 extra batteries for your cell phone, or extra batteries for any device that charges via USB.

Additionally, if you have not yet signed up for the email newsletter that enters you for our twice monthly giveaways, this post is a sample of what you would normally see (minus the storm update, hopefully) from us twice a month.  We usually try and throw in one item of interest that doesn’t make the cut for the website but is still interesting or newsworthy.  In the email that went out today, I shared one of the many handy tools that you might want to have on hand for emergency situations.  It is a dual output back up battery that showed up from Amazon the day AFTER I got my power back, but I’ve been playing with it and it seems to work very well.  Definitely would have been a game changer during the storm and power outage for me.  It takes about 10 hours to charge the full unit, and it quickly charges up to two devices at once, and it looks like it will charge my new Samsung Galaxy about 5-6 times.  If there is any interest I might do an additional post eventually to share some of my other cool emergency tools that helped to get me through the storm.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and supportive comments/emails while I was without power.

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