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Winners of The New Color Sharpie Pens


New Color Sharpie Pens Tips and Body Design

Time to announce the two winners of the new color Sharpie Pens! There were a ton of entrants, so thanks to everyone who entered and spread the word.  Here are our two winners:

Patman and Bill Greene.  And just to be clear, for those of you that know me, as far as I know, Bill Greene is not in any way related to me, just happens to have the same last name.



Here is the evidence from Random.org:


I’ll just need each of you to use the contact link at the top of the page to send me your mailing info, and leave a comment on this thread so people can see that you are claiming your prizes.

Again, thanks to everyone that entered, and keep your eyes open for another chance to win these a little later this week on one of our usual down days for posting.  I think I’ve got a fun way for someone to win one more pack.  If you didnt win, or cant wait for later this week, you can always grab some of  your own new color Sharpie Pens from Amazon or your local Office Depot.

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