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Winning Article Writing Contests: Bring Out Your Inner Author

  • By Andrew Morris
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

A contest brings out the best in all of us, and it can be a lot of fun to compete. And whether it is a contest about writing or a bean bag toss, it still helps all of us rise to the occasion. Inside each of us is the spirit of competition; it is simple human nature, and not something that needs to be hidden or suppressed. Article writing contests can offer cash rewards, give much needed publicity to the author, drive traffic to the website where the contest is being held; they can easily be a win/win for both the author, reader and contest host. If you have decided to enter an article-writing contest, reach deep inside yourself and give it your very best. When you begin to write you must capture the reader’s interest immediately. If you do not, they will simply click onto another story and you will have lost the vote. In the early days of films before television reached its glory and Stephen Spielberg made the first blockbuster, Hollywood produced the “cliff hanger”. This was simply a film that ended on such a high note that the viewer simply had to find out what happened next. You will find today’s top novelists doing exactly the same thing, compelling you to turn the page. Learn from this and use the same elements in your own writing. Since I do not know who is reading this, it is difficult to give specific advice. But not to worry: as stated, I am going to reach inside and deliver my best: If you are writing fiction, make your characters come alive;

If you are writing a

sales letter, compel your readers to click the next link to find out the additional benefits; Be different and unique, no one likes to hear or read yesterday’s news. For Example: “Mary walked to the corner drugstore to buy a quart of milk for her children’s breakfast.” Pretty lame, right? Then let us try this on for size. “A young woman, realizing she had mere minutes to spare, rushed to the neighborhood market, desperate to feed her children.” Extreme, I realize, but in the first example did you care why she walked? And in the second example, wouldn’t someone be compelled to know why she was rushing and desperate? Be different, unique, creative and by doing so you can capture the reader’s attention. In my heart are many hopes: for the future, that my article will be accepted for publication, that I may meet the girl of my dreams, etc. I enjoy living with hope and providing this in my articles. Giving your readers hope is simply another way of drawing them into your story or article and keeping their attention. But what about rules? I am not one that enjoys living by a set of rules, providing instead to go my own way, which is why I write and freelance. That said, if a particular article-writing contest has a set of rules, follow them to the letter. Do not give a judge the opportunity to discard your article or story because of incorrect formatting.

Article writing contests are a great opportunity for all involved. Write on, and give your readers your heart, soul and talent. Do this, and your name may just be at the top of the contest list.



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