Winter Clothes for Pregnant Women


Authored by Donna Johnson in Pregnancy
Published on 11-18-2009

As the seasons change, you may think about buying some new clothing. This could be just because you want to update your wardrobe or maybe because you’ve changed sizes. If your size change is due to pregnancy, there are specific things you’ll want to look for in winter clothes.

The choices you make in winter clothes to wear during your pregnancy will depend on the stage of pregnancy you will be in. If you will be in your first trimester during the winter, you may find that many of your pre-pregnancy clothes will do just fine. This is especially true if you favor larger clothes to begin with or if you don’t gain much weight in your first trimester.

If you will be in your second trimester of pregnancy during the winter, you will most likely need to buy some new clothes. Your winter coat may still fit just fine, although you may not be able to zip or button it up any longer, depending on how tight it normally is on you. To get around this, you can add a large, thick scarf to cover the front of your body that the coat no longer does, or wear warmer clothes underneath the coat.

You will most likely need to buy new pants for winter if you will be in your second trimester. You should buy maternity pants, which are specifically designed to accommodate your expanding belly. You can find pants with a stretchy waistband that goes on top of your belly. Many women find this style uncomfortable, however, so you should try this type of pants on before buying. If you decide this style is not for you, there are also maternity pants that zip and button like regular ones and sit underneath your belly. This style generally also features an adjustable waistline to allow you to wear the pants as long as possible. Check the sizing specifications carefully. Some brands are sized by the trimester you are in and other brands go by your pre-pregnancy size-if you were a size 8 before pregnancy, you would buy a size 8 in that brand’s maternity pants.

If you don’t favor larger tops when you aren’t pregnant, you will most likely need to buy new winter tops for your second trimester. You can simply buy regular tops in a larger size, but you will need to make sure they are long enough to prevent the bottom of your belly hanging out in the front or your underwear showing in the back. This exposure is mainly a concern if you choose maternity pants that rest below your belly.

If you will be in your third trimester during winter, you will definitely need new winter clothes. You may find that simply leaving your coat unzipped or unbuttoned is not an option, and a new coat is needed. You can buy a larger sized regular coat or a maternity coat. Maternity tops will most likely be required at this point, as regular tops of any size will not be long enough to cover the bottom of your belly, especially if you carry low. If you have an issue with your feet swelling during pregnancy, you may also need to buy new winter boots or shoes.

Every woman’s body changes differently during pregnancy and your body may also change in different ways from pregnancy to pregnancy. Pay close attention to these changes to be able to select the perfect winter clothes for your pregnancy, no matter what stage you are in.


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