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Winter dress collocation is most important in winter

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 12/22/2012

Any kind of style of coat, if you want to choose the suitable one, you must have more fashion taste in this season. Today our wholesale clothing china online shop will bring several winter fashionable coats for girls. You can easily cope with any winter clothing style coat about popular collocation in koreanjapanclothing.com.

Sweater, or the like this kind of dark system snow pattern sweater, low-key gentle, simple and garment place is threaded mouth tight design, easy to wear off. The girl sweater lotus leaf short skirt render pants collocation, sweet and pure and fresh , outside take a long pattern woolen cloth coat coat, it is more beautiful!

Like lovely style of girls, winter must prepare a few more for his sweater, so also facilitate the choice of coat collocation. The girl dressed in this kind of sweater, design and color is very nice, and which is, very suitable for girls. In the case grain shorts red render pants, especially good-looking, match down jacket, fur coat can be.

Like that along with the gender, natural collocation, green turtle neck sweater and shallow the color of camel’s hair shorts collocation are together, fresh and simple, outside take down coat, cotton-padded jacket coat or cashmere coat, which are very highlight temperament.

Long sweater is most suitable for collocation brief paragraph cotton coat, this kind of sweater style is very good-looking, wave point and snow pattern of the deck, special lovely, nifty, tie-in jeans or render wool trousers, the clothes is ok .

This winter is very popular range by law, peach pink sweater and gray render unlined upper garment, the collocation of color is tie-in very give prize. It is suitable for body collocation with coat collocation are together, has a special style.

Round neck sweater, most can highlight the sexy girls have the clavicle curve and the neck line, the pattern of the mixed color sweater, tie-in khaki pants, leisure show individual character, the lap thick sweater coat or down jacket cotton-padded jacket is very beautiful.

These two section bat sleeve sweater is very fashionable, and show thin effect special praise it. Wear cotton dress or supplement rich leg pants, the female system collocation is very charming!

Sweater shorts + wave point render pants + Martin boots, this body collocation is nifty and the individuality of the wind, the mixed by a cream color of winter coat is great! Now don’t hesitate, come our wholesale fashion clothing online shop, you can learn much about dress!


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