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Winter fashion woolen coat let you choose

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 12/26/2012

In winter, the woolen coat is a fashion and popular item. When you wear the coat, you will have a distinctive flavor of fashion style. Today our wholesale women clothing online shop will introduce many kinds of woolen coats for everyone.

Light gray woolen coat, light gray to wear on the body is very small fresh taste, giving the feeling of elegant and moving. Select black woolen dress, with black tights and black high-heeled boots, was thin and good-looking, elegant and bright.

Tweed coats long sections, exquisite sense of tweed texture, wear clothing with a unique visual experience. The coat most prominent fashion sense, which take the high collar sweater to wear black tights, black boots, full range of children.

Purple coat, very chic feel, the classic double-breasted design, special retro style purple elegant wear clothing with graceful visual sense. Inside the ride a black dress to wear black tights, black high-heeled boots, and feminine.

Light-colored woolen coat collar style retro classic, it can show the piercing fresh and delicate fashion sense. Inside the ride a white turtleneck sweater wearing white leggings.

White Slim woolen coat, exquisite small lapel design, similar to the version of the design of the suit type, wear on the body simple ably highlight the elegant and stylish atmosphere. Inside the ride a black shirt, under wear black leggings, boots, charming.

Fine lapel woolen coat, knit collar stitching design, particularly small fresh style, full of personality. Worn on the body. Inside the ride white primer shirt, under wear black tights, black lace-up boots, charming seductive.

Knitting stitching woolen coat is remarkable temperament. Knitted sleeves design, small fresh style, wore delicate sweet, long sweater inside the ride, wearing black leggings and black high-heeled boots, which was thin and generous.

Autumn Fashion Skull Printing Hooded Sweater Coat with fresh and pure style, which can give elegant and capable of visual perception, and the plush collar looked very warm. Now come our women cheap clothing shop to choose the suitable coat.


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