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Winter jacket is a popular and fashion item in winter

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 12/7/2012

Many girls were frustrated about the winter clothing, what style of clothing is best for winter? Now our wholesale clothing online shop will bring many kinds of winter clothing for everyone, you can take a look at the pictures about fashion winter clothing and study how to dress.

Winter models padded coat, inside take a knit dress to wear, very stylish. The yellow woolen coat color on the very sense of vitality, brown plush stitching, which can get rid of the sense of monotony. Inside the ride knit dress black lace stitching paragraph is not sexy and stylish it.

The mix really tide it, this dress is not only useful sense of street shooting, highlight the personality and very fashion sense Oh! Red short padded jacket, which take the long shirt sweater, or the layering mix and match the most out of color!

Korean series style padded jacket, style is very fresh, this dark blue the Shuiyu Polka Dot cotton jacket is very pretty, with a candy-colored sweater, pants with leggings look even more leg type some.

The down jacket knitted skirt Leggings take the law, is more common in the winter with the law, common with how to wear clothing with the wave of flavor .Take the law of the same color like the crush jacket Leggings with bare-color knit skirt, very nice fashion.

This solid color down jacket, the brim black plush design, the more suction eye, very Western style is also very fashionable. This minimalist style down jacket with cowboy boots very fashion!

Bright green cotton jacket with Slim pants to wear fashion was thin, especially like crush pants with stitching color jeans, super highlight the personality!

A pretty lace woolen stitching style jacket girls take a high collar style blue knit dress, piercing soft style yet stylish sexy.

This korean fashion lapel cotton coat in this winter is very popular, and this Korean-style khaki lapel design is very nice and warm. Don’t hesitate, you can find the suitable winter clothing in there.


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