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Wireless Charger Buy This not That A Comparison


CHOETECH Qi Wireless Charger Kit for Samsung Galaxy S5

Sometimes in the course of writing this blog I come across products that really just don’t work well and in general I don’t like to review them because I like spend time focused on the good products that work well that I WOULD recommend you purchase.  In this case though I wanted to talk about wireless chargers for your cell phone, like this CHOETECH Qi Wireless Charger Kit for Samsung Galaxy S5 (via Amazon) that I bought before I bought my TYLT Vu Qi Wireless Charger which I really like.


CHOETECH Wireless Charger (Black) TYLT Wireless Charger (Yellow)

There are two major reasons why I would recommend the TYLT Charger (via Amazon) over the CHOETECH wireless charger.  For starters, the surface area of the TYLT charger is much bigger and makes it less finickey in order to find the hot spot when placing your phone down to charge it.  The small shelf at the bottom also limits the number of places that your phone can find itself sitting on the surface as compared to the CHOETECH.  On the CHOETECH wireless charger you just lay the phone on it which means it can be in any one of probably a few thousand positions, and not all of them seem to charge the phone.  Finding the hot spot on this small flat charger just became way too much of a pain, I found myself constantly re-positioning the phone because even a simple nudge or bump against my desk could possibly move the phone off a spot that kept the charge flowing.  With the phone sitting on the TYLT charger it is also much more stable, allowing you to punch in the unlock code and actually use the phone without interrupting its charging.  On the CHOETECH its nearly impossible to actually use the touchscreen on your phone while its charging because it will mostly just slide around or rock slightly which completely interrupts the flow of the charge.

The second major reason for preferring the TYLT wireless charger over the CHOETECH wireless charger is the simple fact that it charges the phone much faster.  In my case I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S5 on the charger, but it is worth noting that some people with a Nexus5 and this charger have reported some overheating issues, which TYLT actually address and shows a workaround for on their website.


Itian A6 Wireless Charger

Another wireless charger similar to the TYLT is the Itian wireless charger (via Amazon) which has the same basic design that allows you to operate the phone while it remains stable and charging on the base.  While the Itian wireless charger is significantly less expensive than the TYLT charger, I was not as happy with its performance.  The speed of charging between the Itian and TYLT wireless charger is almost identical, however I did notice that the Itian really seems to generate a bit of heat in the charging process, especially the longer the phone is resting on it.  After having spent quite a bit of time using all three of these chargers, I’m more than happy that I spent the extra money on the TYLT Charger (via Amazon) and will probably even purchase a second one.  If you are in the market for one of these wireless chargers, the TYLT Vu Qi wireless charger definitely gets our endorsement here, especially when using with a Samsung Galaxy S5.

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