Women’s Back to School Fashion in 2009

Fall is here again and many trendy ladies are wondering what’s hot for 2009’s back to school fashion. You don’t want to walk into school with the same old ripped jeans you wore last year. For this years trendiest looks, check out these women’s back to school fashions for 2009.

Sheath Dress

Every woman should own a sheath dress as they help define your figure and come in a variety of colors and styles. These short and flirty dresses come in strapless or strapped and may have a deep or un-revealing neckline. For this back to school season, stick with fall colors such as deep purples, gray, black and teals.


Although leggings have been very popular the last couple of years, they still remain very fashionable when mixed and matched with jeans, skirts or pants. Leggings are now commonly made to resemble jeans with detailing. It’s best to wear boot-cut or skinny styles with leggings.


You may want to keep fashionably warm during the cool fall days with a button-up sweater. Cardigans come in the best fall colors such as brown, black and gray. For extra detailing, some cardigans can be purchased with extra buttons or flowers. Cardigans can be thrown over almost any outfit.


Plaid has become very trendy and appears in almost all different types of clothing from sweaters to coats to pants. Not only is plaid eye catching, but it can be very trendy and spice up a plain outfit. For the cooler fall and winter months, try a plaid button-up long sleeve flannel top with a solid tank underneath.


The original converse shoes go back to the 80’s with unique but trendy high-tops. Now converse is finally back in style due to their uniqueness. They are also interestingly comfortable to wear. With converse shoes, you can pick the color and pattern for the outside, inside, heel stripe, lining, tongue, laces and stitch. These factors really make the converse completely your style.

Mid-length Skirts

Say good-bye to micro-mini skirts and say hello to mid-length and more modest looking skirts. As schools are becoming stricter with the dress code and more women want to cover up more than before, skirts are becoming longer. Mid-length skirts have many benefits as they can still be slim fitting, show off the legs, and come in a variety of colors, styles and materials.

Skinny Jeans

Bell bottom and baggy jeans are almost completely out of style while more boot cut and skinny jeans are the hottest trends for 2009. Both men and women are keeping up with this style which seems more professional and fashionable. Belts in neutral colors such as tan, brown and black are now in for fall.


Women’s back to school fashion for 2009 is simple, affordable and of course, fashionable. The trends are moving further away from the bright neon colors to more neutral shades. Stick with the more modest, but slim fitting clothing and simple accessories. Go back to school with a more mature and professional look this fall.


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