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Women's winter clothing collocation with a fresh and simple feeling

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 12/31/2012

Women’s winter clothing collocation is pure and fresh. Next, our wholesale china fashion clothing online shop will present eight’s female system winter dress collocation for girls, everyone together to learn winter clothing dress in koreanjapanclothing.com.

Winter street, everywhere is pure color model cotton-padded clothes cotton-padded jacket, girls often is because hit unlined upper garment and feel embarrassed  This blue broken beautiful designs of cotton-padded clothes, the design is pure and fresh and simple, all show rural style dress natural taste, very suitable for temperament elegant, delicate you oh! Wear the dress in the next match render pants, is a woman’s namely model.

Sam female system collocation, advocate extremely brief wind collocation, tie-in process mm people must not choose too fancy fashion sheet is tasted! Like the curly hair beauty, loose version of woolen cloth coat, deserve to go up in smoke green scarf and take dress up method, it is very simple fashion.

Dark green, black and gray, the four color is like a woman’s special collocation is general. This green splicing cashmere coat, collocation small broken flower cotton scarf is very beautiful, in addition collocation a paragraph of cultivate one’s morality some pants, visual very show thin.

Compression of cotton-padded clothes, wear up will not show bloated, this A word plate type of cotton-padded clothes ma3 jia3, model design is very good, the waist and hip dewlap can get very good hide it. Inside take black backing wear short skirt unlined upper garment of irregular and render pants, such build opportunely, is enough to reflect the eyebrows in the literature and art, restore ancient ways fan’s female temperament.

In fact, women’s department collocation can also explanation gives little girls sweet taste, brief paragraph of army green cotton coat, inside take milk white sweater, wear dark red skirt, extremely brief collocation, natural relaxed, is also the most can manifest the girls clean , pure temperament of collocation.

Thin type of clamping cotton dress, is the women’s winter wear take not less one skirt outfit, match coat or a short cotton-padded jacket is very good-looking, joker and fashionable. Red brief paragraph cotton-padded clothes coat, inside take cotton dress, with the backing of pants, fresh and simple, fashionable charm.

Want to build more feminine qualitative winter show high collocation. So level mix is ​​the first choice of mm put method, grey hemp color woolen cloth short coat, inside take the sweater with short skirt, administrative levels feeling clear, visual tension figure scale, can achieve show high effect, with a new cotton long scarf look better.

The cotton-padded clothes coat, the girl build opportunely chocolate case grain scarf, which increase some literary amorous feelings, when you wear inside mix one cotton dress, which can add more woman taste. Now come here our women cheap clothing shop quickly. e12934f7f436afb6a1ce86869c8518cc-8904961

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