World of Warcraft Auction House Tips: 3 Ways to Make More Money in the Auction House

Listen, the very first time you head over to the Auction House in your particular area, you will be hooked forever. Since money is key to building your Toon, it will be important to utilize the Auction Houses and make some dough. There are several different ways to take advantage of the AH, but it all starts with a secret component. It’s called AUCTIONEER and you can find this free add-on throughout the Internet. Don’t worry, we’ll explain more about this below but there will be much, much more.

Understanding How to Use the Auctioneer

Once you get this downloaded you will be to have the upper hand over many of the other amateur auctioneers in your city. Personally, I enjoy using Stormwind simply because my Hearthstone can take me right there after the pouches are full. We’ll get into that later, but for now you need to get this downloaded ASAP. Once there, head to the auctioneer in the room and right click on him or her. At this point a huge box will be displayed where you can search for items that you need or even ones you want to sell, but need to know the market.

The Auctioneer add-on will give you an opportunity to not only see who has overpriced items when you want to purchase them, but also getting the good deals on many others. The under priced items will have blue percentages to the right hand side of the page. The lower the better and if you’re smart you can snatch all of them up and make a nice profit. Granted, you don’t want to put them all on at once because it could saturate the market, which could leave you with expired auctions. So before you get any further into this go ahead and find the AUCTIONEER add-on, download it, then come back to this article.

Selling Items Thru Professions

A lot of people on the World of Warcraft servers forget about building up their profession skills. Actually many people don’t want to spend the time doing it because of the lengthy durations and money that has to be spent on it. However, this is one of the easiest ways to make more money if you set aside the time to do it. For instance if you are a Tailor then Cloth armor is your forte. Whether you want to make boots, headbands, hoods, chest or back armor, many other people will need your assistance.

The higher you reach on your Tailoring the better items you will make and in turn be able to sell them for a pretty penny. The best part about it is when you use the Auctioneer add-on you will be able to gauge the products that will do well and then of course the ones you will have problems making a profit. Keep in mind this will vary each and everyday. If you are making a killing on Barbaric Linen Vests on Tuesday, they could be a waste of money by Friday. This truly is as close to the stock market as you can get, so take advantage of it.

Undercutting the Competition

Many people use the AH just to make more money, but if you learn how to undercut your competition then the amounts will be much larger. There are two ways to do this that we like the best. The first revolves around finding the popular items that people continually under price their items. If someone is selling Linen Cloth for a quarter of what it is worth, then you can only imagine the massive benefits buy buying that person out. In turn you will be able to sell it for more and receive profits off of each item.

One major thing to look for is how popular a particular item may be. From our own personal experience there is always a need for pouches. If you are new to the game and look to the bottom right hand corner of the screen you will see a backpack. To the left are four various places to put pouches, which can range anywhere from 6 slot bags to 18 slots that we have seen so far. If you see someone else selling for less then what you want to sell yours for just buy it. This will take their undercutting price off the board and allow you to set the best price. The day you figure out how to do this each time you’re at the AH, will be the day you won’t need to read articles like this anymore.

One More Tip

In the beginning we only planned on sharing three ways for you to make money in the auction houses, but there is one more to utilize. When you head out to a quest, make sure your backpack and pouches are empty. Along your journey there will be several “drops” that can be used to make money from in the auction house. The best part about this is that you will get things that have higher levels then what you are currently at with your Toon. Don’t get caught with a full bag before you leave or you won’t be able to carry everything.

We like this scenario best because you can be leveling up your character the exact same time you are trying to get auction house items. This way you can cover more ground in a shorter amount of time. Oh, and one more thing before we go. When you sell items and get money for them, it won’t automatically end up in your totals. You must head to the nearest mailbox in order to receive your money. We know most of you know this, but for those who are just getting involved this will save you some time. After you begin to get comfortable with the AH and AUCTIONEER, you will start to see the money coming in faster.


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