World of Warcraft Gold: Easy Ways to Get More Gold

There is nothing worse then playing World of Warcraft and seeing everyone with gold except for you. Then of course you head through a quest, get all kinds of Copper, then head back to the Auction House to see everything cost an arm and a leg. Well from personal experience this can be extremely irritating so it is time to give you a first hand look at how you can gain massive amounts of gold. While there is the occasional tip that will allow you to take the easy way out, the rest are true legal ways to make a ton of gold on the World of Warcraft game.

Purchasing Gold Online

If you really don’t want to grind it out and accomplish each level, then just purchase your gold online. Granted all of them will not be reputable, but if you do a little research there are a few that seem to have a huge popularity over the rest. Honestly, it is hard to believe someone would spend over $100 for 5,000 gold. However, there are others who will simply be happy spending $20 for 500. Having all of this handy will definitely give you more options during your adventure, but in the end you will have this feeling as though you cheated your way to the top.

Getting Help in the Stockades and Similar Areas

When you travel to Stormwind and reach around a level 23, you will be able to try and take on the inmates held in the Stockade. If you are into the story lines you will like this one, but when you go through the Instance you will be over matched and mobbed by everyone around you. This is just one scenario in a long list of various places where money is easy to obtain. Now, since you won’t be able to take on everyone in there you will need to get a higher ranking Toon to party up with you. In our situation we took a Level 66 Night Elf in there and just sat back and watched him destroy everyone in his path.

In the meantime we were picking up all the loot and getting substantial amounts of money along the way. Even if we didn’t receive a lot of Silver or Copper, there almost always seemed to be a pretty good weapon or armor drop everywhere in between. We’ll discuss that next, but for now just remember to hit these areas up if you need some good loot. The end result is more money, which can translate into large sums of gold if you don’t spend it as soon as you get it. We have that problem ourselves.

Spending Your Gold

It may sound a little weird, but you will have to spend some gold to make gold. This pertains to the individuals who are reaching higher levels, but not where everything costs gold to purchase. Our favorite is looking for specific clothes. On a previous article we discussed the advantages of having the Auctioneer add-on within your World of Warcraft account. Utilizing this to purchase lower priced items will give you the opportunity to buy out a specific market and set the prices to your own liking. Can you smell the money already?

Also, don’t be afraid to purchase ingredients for patterns and make whatever your profession can build. You have to remember that there are 11 million people playing World of Warcraft and there is bound to be someone who wants what you are selling. Just keep track of the amount of money you are spending to make it. Then when it is time to head towards the Auction House you will already know how much you want to sell it for there. If others have much lower prices you can buy them out and corner the market. This is an efficient way to invest your gold and end up making more as time goes on.

Contributing to the Guild Bank

If you are a member of a guild you will notice your availability of the guild bank. While we aren’t suggesting you take all the money out (which there should be a cap on your daily amount), you should be able to use it when need be. The idea here is to contribute other things to the guild bank if you withdraw money. It is kind of like the unwritten rule for many guilds. However, if you join one that keeps you from taking out anything, then it is time to leave them and move on to someone else who can help.

Once you build a rapport with everyone else in the guild family, the higher ranking officers will want to help you. They will need you for raids and dungeons down the road and if you do your part, they will reward you with hundreds of gold. Now, we understand this isn’t the quickest way for you to make tons of gold, but it will get you what you need and when you need it. If you want one more tip in this area, make sure you put some good items in the bank. Pouches, mana and health potions, armor, or whatever else you think any member would use.

Use Your Own Ideas

Throughout your WoW adventure, you will see the benefits of using any of these tips we’ve mentioned. However, there will come a time that you realize your own methods will create a substantial amount of gold. Obviously the sooner the better, but a couple months from now we could be reading about the techniques you use. If you need more help figuring out ways to make more money or leveling up, be sure to read over our other tips available on this site. Even if there is only one thing you take away, it could be the turning point in your gaming pleasure.


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