World of Warcraft Groups: When is the Right Time to Use Them?

Authored by Michael Grisso in Online Games 
Published on 01-19-2009

For years people have been joining up with others to complete quests. Yes, it is the fastest way to complete quests, but there are just as many downfalls as there are benefits, and when you are newer to the game this is often missed. So we wanted to take a few moments and give you a few examples of when you should get joined up in groups. While many of you know that when a particular quest says, “Group” or “Dungeon” within your log, that’s when it is needed. However, there are many other places where you have to be in a group in order to finish it. Let’s go ahead and just cover as much as we can below and hopefully it will help you out tremendously.

The Fastest Way to Level Up

When you first start playing the World of Warcraft games you don’t want to group up at all. The fastest way for you to level up is by accomplishing quests all by yourself. For instance, those who start out in Shadowglen will see spiders, owls, nightsabers, grells, gnarlpines and many other enemies around the area. While many of them will relinquish a substantial amount of XP in the beginning, the higher the level of your opponent, the more XP you will receive. If you want to play with a friend, go do your own thing in the area instead of grouping up. If you play together you will only receive half the XP or even less then if you did it alone.

Unfortunately there are many times where quests get harder and harder when you go back to the same Quest Givers. Granted you will receive higher XP for completing them, but it could take a long time to finish it. A prime example over around Shadowglen and Dolanaar is the Ban’ethil Den. While the Gnarlpines are easy to take on individually, here you have to deal with probably a hundred of them if not more before it is all said and done. Even if you are a level 10 or 11 you are dealing with Hordes of level 7-9 enemies. Heading in like a kamikaze will only get you killed by yourself. So a group effort is needed here.

This is just one example of many, so don’t be surprised if you see them frequently. This is why it is important to be in a guild. If there are any other players online in your guild they should be more then willing to help. If you aren’t part of one yet, head to the nearest city like Darnassus is to Shadowglen and see if you can find some others to help you. Now, you won’t receive a lot of XP per enemy killed, but you will get the treasures and appropriate drops needed to complete your quest. They made need it themselves and if that is the case, make sure you share it with them in your quest log area.

Higher Level Groups

Once you get to a certain level with your Toon, you will notice the various raids available. These are where up to 40 people can all go at the same time and try to take over a city. While this is definitely something everyone should try, you’ll have to wait until you reach the mid to upper 60s before even attempting it. Huge cities like Stormwind and Ironforge are extremely hard and might even rival beating the Lich King as far as difficulty goes in the newest expansion pack. Keep in mind this isn’t considered a “Group,” but instead a “Raid” and there is a difference. For now, just stick with the smaller groups and as you build your character, your guild will want to raid cities down the road.

Group Looting

Many times people forget about the Group Looting issues that come into play when others are paired up with you. In all there are five various ways to initiate this within your group. If you want to let everyone get what they can, then set it to Free For All. If you want everyone to get their fair share then place it on the Round Robin scenario.


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