World of Warcraft Leveling Up Tips: 3 Ways to Level Up Faster

There are many different avenues you can take in order to level up faster. Even though there are millions of people playing WoW online, there are new members every single day. For those of you who are new, you have a daunting task in front of you. Our goal is to help you get those better weapons, spells, and armor built up so you can complete quests. Then of course introduce you to the Auction House and taking advantage of the miscues left by others. So take a few minutes and read the three fastest ways to level up a new toon below.

Joining a Guild

Once you are well into the game it seems a little difficult to level up. This is due to the stronger enemies you face, as well as needing a more armor to withstand various locations. To be honest it is pretty easy to reach level 10, but after that you have to do other things to reach your goals. We recommend joining a guild. When you find one, the other members will be able to take you through sections that are higher then what you are used to exploring. This allows for better drops, bigger money, and higher XP.

Keep in mind you want to find a guild that is established and can give you access to the guild bank. Here, all members will be able to share armor, potions, and trade supplies. This is a major benefit if you need leather for Leatherworking, cloth for Tailoring or any other profession out there. Plus, each member of the guild should be distributing money into the bank for those who are in the guild and may need it for something. Best of all though, the biggest advantage to a guild is members will be able to explain areas and give you tips that you would have trouble with on your own. So make sure you find yourself one as soon as possible.

Building Your Professions

No matter what way you look at it, World of Warcraft revolves around money. In order to get money when you first start out you just need to kill enemies around the area. While Copper is considered the lowest type of money you will be able to receive, it will come in handy throughout the first few levels. This will give you the opportunity to get better boots, back, chest, legs, and hand equipment. You will also notice you can repair the items you are wearing after a tough battle by visiting someone who has an anvil hovered on them.

However, you will have the chance to get involved with Tailoring, Cooking, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Enchanting and many other professions. When you pick up the money after demolishing your enemies then start building up your professions. This will allow you to make things that can be sold in the Auction House where the real money is made. The domino effect will continue since you will be able to use that money in order to make higher priced items. It would be easier to show you, but after awhile you will notice how it works anyways.

Taking on Equal Opponents and Do the Quests

While it is fun to slay those who cannot match up with you, you won’t receive as much XP when they are defeated. Even as you become more familiar with the areas and reach certain levels, when you kill something that is four or five levels lower then you, there will not be any XP at all. So the next time you are working on a quest make sure you take on one that is equal or a little over your current level regarding the enemies. Remember, this will also give you better drops as well as help build your XP quicker and level up.

While everything above is great, the best way to reach higher character levels is by completing quests. However, there is a particular way to do this where you can benefit the most. We suggest taking on as many quests as possible. Many newcomers feel you have to get a quest, complete it, then run back to the person you need to speak to within the game. You can accomplish your quests this way, but since you are able to take on 25 in the area you should start as many as possible. It may not make sense now, but on several occasions there are quests right near the area you are currently trying to complete one.

In the end the quests relinquish the highest amount of XP. In the beginning they are low, but as time goes by you will notice a substantial increase. Granted, you will need others to help you along the way. Even if you are say a level 15, there may be an area that is consumed with multiple enemies in the area. Since you can’t take them on all by yourself it’s important to find friends along the way.

Doing More in the Near Future

There are several other things you can do in order to level up faster, but these are the three main areas. Just integrating each one of these will allow you to get that next level you seek. If you are reading this because you are at a point that requires a substantial amount of XP to reach the next level, then have a guild member take you somewhere that will give you a greater amount. Then again, if you’re hard headed like many of us are and want to go at it alone, just plan on it taking a little longer then usual.


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