WOTLK Death Knight Abilities 11 New Unholy Abilities for the DK Hero Class

Our favorite Death Knight Presence has to be the Unholy abilities. They are dark, sinister, and full of hatred that seems to be built up in each one. Your job as a DK is to wreak havoc on your enemies with unforgiving methods. While the Blood and Frost Presence Talents are fearsome in their own right, the Unholy ones are far superior. You will notice when reading over these eleven abilities the dismay they will bring to any town. Hopefully you find yourself on the right side of things.

Anti-Magic Shell

Just like the old movie the boy in the bubble, your Death Knight will able place himself within a hard shell that can keep enemies from damaging you for awhile. Granted it’s a lot shorter then you think, but when you think about the positive effects it will have on you, this is a spectacular tool. While enemies are trying to cast spells on you they will just hit the shell and fall to the ground. However, your attack methods will go right through.

Build an Army

Our favorite of favorites is the Army of the Dead Unholy ability. While the obvious benefit is having an Army, there are other advantages as well. See, what happens is you will be able to rise up Ghouls from the dead to fight in your stead. Unfortunately you can’t take them everywhere, but then again that would make the game too easy. When you need it though, you will know. The Army of the Dead is a great ability and one you should always have handy.

Using the Blood Plague

Since a Death Knight is able to heal themselves various ways, you have to understand that many of your opponents will be able to do the same. So when you see someone trying to heal themselves, bring out the Blood Plague in full force. This ability counteracts their healing methods and basically evaporates it from play for a short time. In the meantime you are able to bring the house down and teach them a long, hard lesson.

Death and Decay

While this is a masterful tool, it does come with a little backlash. The Death and Decay ability lets the Death Knight produce a disease on the ground. If any of your enemies are within the radius they will lose health during the period it is released. We recommend this for anyone who enjoys tanking because it gives you the opportunity to have everyone lose points while you are hitting a specific target. Then again, you will receive an extensive amount of aggro for using this ability.

Death Coil

The biggest benefit of the Death Coil is wrapped around your Ghoul pet. When used on your pet it will replenish their health even though they don’t last very long. Fortunately though this is intertwined with the Runic Power and after using it several times your pet will live longer. Even undead targets can use this to heal so if you use the Army of the Dead it may help heal all of them.

The Death Gate

Much like a Hearthstone, the Death Gate ability allows your Death Knight to travel back to Ebon Hold. Since there are several quests the Death Knight must endure, this ability will come in handy many times over. While we are still testing it out ourselves, we are hoping it can pretty much take you anywhere in the Northrend region once you’ve visited each location. Don’t worry, this will take a lot of time to do.

The Death Grip

Tankers will love the Death Grip ability because it is an easy way to keep everyone focused on you. Even if a part of your guild has too much aggro and enemies head towards them, you can reel them back in like fish. This is a long distance ability and the first time you see it you will love the results. Keep in mind there are several other benefits as well, but you will figure it out along the way. In fact, we imagine you will come up with ideas that we haven’t even thought about yet.

Using the Death Strike

This is just another critical ability you can’t do without. The Death Strike gives you the best of both worlds when used. Not only will it allow you to produce increased damage on your opponents, but it will also heal you at the same time. So as your enemies health is going down hit after hit, you are standing there taking blows and looking like they can’t put a dent in your armor. This is another one you will want to have ready at any given time.

The Plague Strike

Okay, if you want to get as much as possible regarding damage then you will enjoy using the Plague Strike. This massive blow will give off weapon damage as well as shadow damage. If that is not enough you will also receive added bonuses along the way. Then of course if your opponent is trying to heal you can use this to counteract that spell. Even though this has a short life span it might give you the extra time you need to conquer your foes.

Getting a Ghoul

This is very similar to the Army of the Dead summons. However, when you use the Raise Dead ability you will only be able to raise one Ghoul. Yes, it is a little depressing after watching several rise on the other ability. The good news is the Ghoul has an unbelievable amount of damage he/she throws on your enemies. During this time you are still able to attack a target yourself so it is almost like doubling your damage.

The Unholy Presence

Like we said before, this is our favorite Presence of them all. One thing to note about the Unholy Presence is it helps run and attack at faster speeds. Unfortunately you have no idea how long this will last so take advantage of it while you can. When this is mixed in with all the abilities above you will soon find yourself on top or winning most of the time. Plus you will soon realize that you made the right choice using this particular Presence.

The Overview

Whatever you do, make sure you keep track of everything that is involved with the Unholy Presence. While many of these are mind boggling abilities, if you don’t have the right amount of Runic Powers then things will tend to be discouraging. If anything, we recommend taking the time to study each one of your Death Knight’s abilities. Having the proper mixture of spells will give you a leg up on the competition. Don’t take our word for it though, go out and try it for yourself. If you need additional help just come back when need be.

The last thing we will tell you though is that you can only use one Presence at any given time. When you are going up against certain foes you will soon notice that using Blood abilities may help you more then using Unholy. We have information on that as well, but for now just try the ones we offered up previously. In the end you will soon find out how complex this can be if you have no idea what you’re doing. Regardless we hope this helps your character become bigger and stronger. Good luck.


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