WOTLK Death Knight Abilities 12 New Frost Abilities for the DK Hero Class

Using the DK abilities throughout your new adventure means taking the time to learn about each one. If you try to go about it on your own (just winging it) you will notice the frustration and anxiety start to set in fast. So instead of trying to be independent, just take a few moments to read a little about the twelve different Frost abilities for the Wrath of the Lich King. It might just help you with one of your many quests along the way.

Grounding Opponents with the Chains of Ice

Do you want to make your enemies feel like they have two feet in cement? If so then you will love the Chains of Ice Frost ability. This literally gives you a head start on taking care of business. Granted they will still be able to move, but at such a slow rate you will most likely have a good chunk of their health down before they even get a good swing on you. This is great when taking on multiple enemies when you are trying to focus on one.

Ultimate Power with the Empower Rune Weapon

While we don’t really want to get into all the benefits of using Runes, the Empower Rune Weapon will give you a first hand look at what it can do. Your second quest in the Wrath of the Lich King is recovering a sword that you can utilize your Runic Powers. When using this Talent you will be able to activate all the Runes you own and create power unlike anything else. This is highly recommended once you understand everything.

Get the Frost Fever

Oddly enough this is considered a disease amongst the Frost Talents. It’s an interesting one because when you thrust this upon your enemies they will be slowed and have a hard time targeting you with accurate speeds. Keep in mind that you will still be fired upon, but the

damage will be minimal compared to if you wouldn’t use it at all. Plus you get an added bonus along the way with your Attack Power.

Using the Frost Presence

One thing to note about the three Presences available (Blood, Frost, and Unholy) is that you can only use one of them at any given time. The advantages to using this form is that it increases your armor. Then of course like many other Talents it will also give you additional health from what you previously had available. We recommend using this for tanking if you like taking on everyone at once without help from others.

Your Guild Will Enjoy the Horn of Winter

Why? Well, because you will be able to give your entire team additional strength and agility. However you must have enough Runic Power to utilize it during battle. We have to tell you that this isn’t anything permanent and really only lasts for a minimal amount of time. That’s the bad news. The good news is you will soon realize that everyone in your guild will be asking you about your new found Frost ability.

Feel Like a Super Hero with Icebound Fortitude

This is probably one of the most interesting parts of the Frost abilities. The Icebound Fortitude allows the Death Knight to actually freeze his blood. When this happens you are able to withstand massive amounts of the oppositions stunning effects. Keep in mind this will take some of your Runic Power and it is not cheap. However, for those of you wanting to withstand as much as possible and help the rest of your team the Icebound Fortitude will do wonders.

The Magic Touch

Icy Touch is probably going to be your Death Knight’s most used weapon in his or her arsenal. Just imagine being able to touch someone and they are instantaneously plagued with a fever. This is what happens when you use the Icy Touch ability. While your opponent is struggling to survive with Frost Fever, you are constantly pounding away on them. In addition, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to wait long before you use it again.

Mind Freeze Your Enemies

Since a Death Knight begins his or her journey at level 55, most of your enemies will have various spells. This can be quite frustrating to overcome, especially when you are taking on multiple characters. When you relinquish Mind Freeze your opponents will be unable to send

spells your way. While this is great, it doesn’t last too long so make sure you take advantage of the time you have available.

Obliterate Your Enemies

The word says it all with this Frost ability. This amazing tool will allow you to use your diseases to their fullest. Once you find a target worth killing, start tacking on as many diseases as you can. Then right before you do it again, use the Obliterate ability. You will most likely tear them down one by one with ease, but even if you have a hard time you can always start over again. Keep this one as one of your main abilities.

Walking on Water

If this isn’t the most religious part of the game outside of a Priest, we don’t know what would be. The Path of Frost makes it easy to navigate over water. Once you use this ability you will notice everything under you will freeze solid. This doesn’t only help you, but also your entire team that is with you at the time. Even if they don’t have this ability themselves, they will surely enjoy watching you perform this trick.


If you want to utilize the closest thing to invincibility then try the Rune Strike on for size. This massive attack gives you the best counter punch towards your enemies. Every time you end up either getting a Parry or Dodge come up, your Death Knight will be able to use the Rune Strike when it is lit up. Definitely something that is worth using time and time again so keep it in a safe place and don’t let it out of your sight.

The Death Knight Weapon

When using the Death Knight you will find that the Runic Focus is unmatched by many of the other abilities. The only reason this is true is because there isn’t anything out there that can put a double damage bonus on your enemies. Regular characters will never come close to this type of mayhem, but the DK has no boundaries. Once you see this for the first time you will understand what we are talking about and you’ll keep it handy all the time.

Taking the Next Step

By now you are starting to realize just how important the Frost Presence can be to your arsenal. Each one of the abilities above will not only improve your game, but also help everyone else around you. Well, everyone else except your enemies who will be running fast once you are able to take advantage of all of them. Your guild however will be probably give you money, armor, weapons, or many other gifts just for helping each of them out.

Even if they don’t you will be the talk of the town. So make sure you understand every Frost ability we put up here. There aren’t anymore then what you see, which means you have twelve different abilities to learn. Well, not necessarily learn, but you will have to get your Runes and a specific amount of points for each one to really have a massive affect on your enemies. Hopefully you’ll be doing the Lich King’s bidding for many centuries to come.


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