WOTLK Death Knight Abilities 9 New Blood Abilities for the DK Hero Class

If you have taken the opportunity to play the WOTLK 10-day trial version and are ready to purchase the game, you will need this information. In all there are nine different Blood Talents the Death Knight will be able to utilize. It is your job as a servant of the Lich King to master all of these abilities and bring down both the Alliance and Horde factions. In the end, the Wrath of the Lich King will be one by the Death Knight Hero Class.

Below you will find a small section regarding each Blood Talent ability. Take the time to learn each one and when it comes around time to use your new weapons, there won’t be downtime trying to figure out how each one works. While we will be helping you here, rest assured that all the information will not be provided. This is basically for your own benefit of not knowing what is to come for your Death Knight.

Make Enemies Blood Boil

If you really want to add a little flair to your Death Knight, then take the time to gain the Blood Boil ability. This crazy set up delivers Shadow Damage by utilizing deadly diseases. While you would normally just be able to hit your targeted enemy, the Blood Boil will also contribute damage to any other enemies standing around your target. Keep in mind we are unaware of the actual distance lengths that are used with the Blood Boil, but as time passes you will be able to figure it out for yourself.

Heal Yourself with Blood Presence

Yes, the Death Knight can heal him or herself by simply using the Blood Presence ability. We have noticed that this can be quite confusing at times for games due to the fact that only opponents who give experience or honor can actually start this process. See, it’s a little off the wall right? Well, no worries. One thing to note though is that you will also be able to gain damage as well during battles and recovery times will be shorter.

Take it to the House and Blood Strike

One of the most powerful abilities available to your new Death Knight is the Blood Strike. It feeds of the diseases you have already put on your enemy during battle. Once the time is right you can throw several diseases towards your opponents way and then use the Blood Strike for the final blow. Doing this will allow you to maximize your efforts and take down the most difficult foes along the way.

Changing Runes with Blood Tap

As the game continues and you realize how magnificent the Blood Talent abilities can be, the Blood Tap is definitely one that is underrated. Since you have the choice of using Blood, Frost, or Unholy runes, the Blood Tap can change an unused one in a certain class into a Death Knight rune that you need. Since there are requirements for just about everything you will find this to be one of the most used abilities in your repertoire.

Gain Attention with Dark Command

If you have a character that is a tank right now, the Dark Command will come in handy. Utilizing this feature will give you the opportunity to take the focus off of other characters and put it on yourself. Make sure you have an ample amount of armor secured or when they come you won’t be ready. In the end those in your guild who either do not have a high enough level or aren’t very good at the game will compliment you on helping them.

The Ultimate Sacrifice Using Death Pact

One of the best Blood abilities out there is Death Pact. Some of your companions along the way will need help with revival efforts just as they are about to die. Your job here is to use the Death Pact and trade one of your Ghouls health and pass it on to a guild member. Unfortunately this will end the Ghoul’s life, but considering it is a summoning spell you can always find more where that one came from.

Become Superman with Forceful Deflection

If you want to really build your Death Knight up in the WOTLK game, then Forceful Deflection is a great Blood ability. This little trick will allow you to get extended Parry during combat. Anyone who loves to tank will enjoy knowing that they can take a little more heat using Forceful Deflection. In the end your enemies will miss you relentlessly and you will sit back and laugh at your team’s massacre over your opponents.

Spreading Disease with Pestilence

We love this Blood ability because it is not necessary to target all of your opponents. You will understand what we are talking about shortly after you use Pestilence for the first time. Since it revolves around diseases, all you have to do is use this ability on your target and whatever diseases you are attacking with will spread to all of the other enemies in the area. This helps tremendously when you are taking on more then you would normally be able to handle.

Take Away Your Enemies Breath with Strangulate

While you won’t be walking over to any of your enemies and picking them up in the air by their necks, this Blood ability is merciless. This is best used when you have Warlocks and other magical powers working against you. Simply utilize the Strangulate methods to choke those who are casting spells from behind. While this stops them in their tracks momentarily, it will allow your guild to focus more on the front lines.

Our Final Overview

We understand you probably hope to have these abilities equipped with your Death Knights as soon as you create one. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and there are certain requirements for each of them. However, when you do come across any of them be sure it at the appropriate time. If not you will soon find yourself looking for your dead body and roaming the land as a ghost. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, but we imagine it will happen eventually. The truth is you are about to be in the fight of your Death Knight life.


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