WOTLK: Druid Feral Combat Abilities Part 1

Since the Druids are made up of Balance, Restoration, and Feral Combat abilities there is a long list of information available. Instead of going over all 59 various ones we decided to cover a partial list of the Feral Combat abilities. There are thirty-two within this category, but you will only find 1-11 in this article. The rest of them will be found in our other articles covering the Druid abilities. For now just take a look at the ones below and use them accordingly.

Aquatic Form

You will notice when using any other type of class your breathing abilities under water are confined to the blue bar in the middle of the screen. As a Druid shape shifter you will be able to turn into an Aquatic Form and do whatever you want underwater without a time limit. While this is very helpful, its ability to protect you from Polymorph and Movement impairing is just an added bonus.


We saw the Bash ability in action the other night during a Player vs. Player duel when an opponent was using all sorts of spell casting on a Druid. Instead of panicking, the Druid used the Bash ability which stunned her enemy for a period of time. This alleviated all spell casting from her foe and allowed her to use some of the Balance abilities in the process and come out victorious.

Bear Form

If you come across the chance to purchase the Bear Form ability make sure you get it. This Feral Combat allows you to get stronger and increase you attack power during battle. While we enjoy using this when it is appropriate, it is a must for those of you who come across Polymorph effects as well as Movement Impairing issues and need some help. Plus you will see an increase in your stamina.

Cat Form

Now, if this is your first time using the Cat Form ability we aren’t talking about Garfield. These are Tiger-looking creatures that can have menacing attacks on their enemies. Again, just like the Bear Form you will be able to free yourself from PM and MI casters. Then of course being able to use all the abilities of a Cat will definitely help you on your journey.

Challenging Roar

We just got finished using this and it works like a charm. Your Druid just performs the Challenging Roar and it allows all the enemies in the area to focus on you completely. In the meantime those teammates near by will be able to dispose of them one by one. The only thing we would mention with this is you need to have a great Restoration ability handy for your health. This way you can continue to heal yourself until everyone else takes care of the opponents.


We don’t really want to get into the combo points right now, but when you perform the Claw ability your opponent will get additional damage points taken away. In the meantime you will be able to gain a combo point, which will be needed some time down the road. There isn’t much else to this ability, but it can come in handy when you least expect it. Just make sure you have it ready when need be.


This is an interesting ability under the Feral Combat because it doesn’t attack anything. The way it works is you perform the Cower on yourself and it pretty much keeps your enemies from attacking you. We feel one of the best times to use this method is when you simply can’t sustain anymore damage while traveling through a quest or heading to a certain area. While this isn’t full proof it can get the job done.


Okay, so how many times have you ever wanted to run faster because your quest distance was extremely long? To be honest this happens more then you know, but you can save time by performing the Dash ability. It increases your speed movement tremendously. However, you must be in Cat Form for this to take affect so don’t try to use it otherwise. The good news is it doesn’t break prowling.

Demoralizing Roar

Unlike the Challenging Roar, the Demoralizing Roar doesn’t fixate enemies upon you. Instead you can use this ability to keep your opponents from having full power melee attack power. The amount this decreases it remains to be seen, but it can work to perfection if you are taking on someone with a level or two higher than you. Unless of course you are trying to save time, then just use it on everyone you can.

Dire Bear Form

When you look at the normal Bear Form and Dire Bear Form there really isn’t much difference. In fact, the only difference we have really noticed is you are protected from Polymorph and Movement Impairing effects before someone tries to cast them on you. Otherwise they are identical. Obviously this one is the stronger of the two, so when you get it you won’t need the original Bear Form.


The first time you use the Enrage ability we’re not sure you will like it. The benefit is that it generates rage over time, but unfortunately there is a catch. While this is going on you will lose your Bear Form base armor. Actually you won’t lose it entirely, but it will be reduced tremendously. So if you must use this ability make sure it’s at the right time. Otherwise, it could end up backfiring on you and send you to the graveyard looking for your corpse.

Finished 1-11 On To 12-22

We wanted to make sure we kept this in alphabetical order to enhance your reading pleasure. If by chance you read through the first eleven and couldn’t find the Feral Combat ability you were looking for, try the 12-22 abilities. Then of course if they cannot be found there either you will surely find them in the third article. Good luck.


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