WOTLK: Druid Feral Combat Abilities Part 3

You made it! After reading over twenty-two of the various Feral Combat techniques for Druids, you are now ready for the final installment. Here you will find everything from the Rake ability to the Travel Form. Since each enjoy their own unique appeal, we know you will need each one of them at some point in time during your gaming experience. Hopefully the information we provide below will complete the material you need.


Just think of someone raking your eyes and this is what you can expect from the Rake Feral Combat ability. While this will affect the entire body, you can expect a substantial amount of Bleed damage to work in your favor. During the progression you will also notice extra damage being taken off your enemies and adding combo points at the same time.


As a Druid you will spend a lot of time prowling through areas. This is important when using the Ravage ability. However, if you are in front of the target it won’t work. So think of this as your James Bond moment as you sneak up from behind and take away a large amount of damage. To be honest this is one of the best moves you can before because of the crazy amount of hit points your enemy will have taken away.


Another great finishing move, the Rip ability will cause damage over a certain amount of duration throughout your battle. If there is anything you need to remember about this Feral Combat method for Druids, it’s that the overall damage will depend on your attack power and combo points. In the end you will notice that it will increase as time passes on. Granted it will only last through your encounter, but it will definitely help defeat tougher opponents.

Savage Roar

Listen, we love finishing moves and the Savage Roar just about tops the list on the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. You can’t miss the icon due to its lighter color and when you unleash this on to one of your opponents it can be deadly. Keep in mind this increases your attack power as well, so if you are looking to build certain areas of your game, this is one to have in your action bar at all times.


Just like the Ravage Feral Combat Ability, the Shred technique means you have to be behind your opponent. If you are looking for extra combo points this will allow you to earn an additional one each time you use it. While it does help your Bleed damage like many of the other Feral combat abilities, you will also see an increase in your Shred damage as well. We watched a Druid group sneak up on a city last night and it was crazy to watch from the sidelines.

Swift Flight Form

When we covered the 12th-22nd Feral Combat abilities, you should remember the Flight Form. It basically allows you to shapeshift in order to get where you need to much faster. This being said, you can only imagine what the Swift Flight Form can do. The overall affect is that it has increased speeds, but there is a catch to it all. The only places you will be able to utilize the SFF is in either the Outlands or Northrend. So if you don’t have the Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King this ability doesn’t matter.


The first time we saw the Swipe Feral Combat, for some reason it didn’t sink in that this wouldn’t some sort of thieving tool. So when it was time for battle and this was available it was a nice little treat. Once you use it yourself it will take damage away from your opponents with a single “swipe.” Keep in mind the higher your attack power, the more damage it will inflict. If you are a tanker you will enjoy this tremendously.

Tiger’s Fury

For a Feral Combat we were surprised there wasn’t any energy cost for this ability. While it is a nice benefit, having a cooldown period can ruin the enjoyment of using it once every so often. This is one of those abilities though where you can use it once and it will take damage away from an enemy over a period of time. So even if it involves low stats (depending on your character’s attributes) the total amount of damage will be beneficial.

Track Humanoids

We love using the Track Humanoids Feral Combat ability because you never know which CPU characters are the appropriate ones to attack. For instance, if you are trying to attack a camp that has trappers, smugglers, and humanoids you can spend hours killing the wrong enemy. Granted, you’ll have to kill some of the others anyways, but having a tracker that puts them on the map for you will save tons of time.

Travel Form

Many of your quests in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion as well as the others, have various quests with long travel times. If you don’t have a flight pattern from one city to another then you will have to travel on foot to your next quest. This is where the Travel Form ability comes in and tremendously increases your running speed. If you are a WoW junkie, you know the importance of having this in your bag.

Take Your Time

Okay, this was the last of the Feral Combat abilities available to the Druids. Since there are several of them we recommend you take your time reading them over. If you ever need to find out more about each one before you use it, you can do so by hovering over the appropriate icon. We know some people have even printed these out so they can keep it handy for when it comes time to train another ability.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to use some of these until you have reached a certain level. So if you are new to the game, printing everything out and knowing what is to come can help you strategize your attacks before taking on certain quests. If you are in one now and it is a bit difficult, don’t’ be afraid to head into a city where you will find your trainers available. In the end it could make all the difference.


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